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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wilson leaves, Hadnot visits

Free safety Eugene Wilson came and left the Steelers on Tuesday without a contract offer.

Guard/center Rex Hadnot visited Wednesday, though he, too, hasn't received a formal contract offer as of yet.

Wilson would be likely need to be promised a starting job to be induced into signing with the Steelers, who are optimistic Ryan Clark can return from his medical problems of last year.

Clark has been working out at the team's facility after having surgery during the season to have his spleen removed.

Anthony Smith started in Clark's place after the surgery and was benched late in the year in favor of veteran Tyrone Carter.

Hadnot would be used as a veteran to push Chris Kemoeatu at left guard – in place of Alan Faneca – and Sean Mahan and Darnell Stapleton at center.

At 6-2, 325 pounds, he has more bulk than the 295-pound Mahan, who was the team's starting center last year.


keona said...

Dale, Hadnot is one strong bugger. He could push Mahan around with his 1 pube he has.

Hadnot = Center here. Like Hartings was.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't doubt that he'd be able to push Mahan around. He's 30 pounds heavier.
I just question grabbing a guy Miami chose not to keep.

Wieters said...

Dale, am I correct that the Steelers don't have the cap room to sign any more free agents as long as they still have the transition tag on Starks?

And am I also correct that the Steelers have no intention of rescinding the tag, but rather want to either negotiate a long term deal or wait for another team to make him an offer which they can decide to match or not?

Am I furthermore correct that neither has there has been any progress on a long-term deal nor has any other team made him an offer?

Do the Steelers know exactly what they're doing here, or are they terrified that they might be backed into a corner and forced to pay Starks the $7 million one-year tender?

keona said...

Hadnot would be top 5 in the league for centres for strength. He is stronger than Dan Koppen from NE ... for examples sake.

Hadnot is quite quick / speedy, his size is perfect allowing the lanes in the middle of the field.

If we sign him we need perhaps an LT in this draft and that is all.

There is more pressure from you for Albert to perform than Rex Hadnot.

Hadnot can take Nose Tackles and strong DT's in a 4-3 1 on 1 freeing up blocking room for others, ideally never needing a HB / TE to chip would be great. No?

I would offer 5 yrs 19 million 8 million guaranteed.

He is worth it. Only to see Mahan and Simmons battle it out for the LG's spot. I would prefer Mahan than Simmons... at LG

And that says a lot about Simmons doesn't it Dale?

Ideally: Next Season.

Starks / Albert / Smith = LT

Colon / Albert / Mahan / Simmons = LG

Hadnot / Stapleton / Mahan = C

Kem / Simmons / Albert = RG

Smith / Starks / Colon = RT.

So If we get Hadnot we will need a LT early and a RT later in the draft. 4th Round. Guard and center = finalised.

Let's hope Albert can play left tackle Dale.

So: My draft with Hadnot signed is. If Landon Johnson and Eugene Wilson sign watch: *

1. Hardy WR
2. Nicks LT
3. Godfrey CB * Cliff Avril WDE or RDE in our 4-3 sets.
4. Duane Brown RT
5. Silva FS
6. Arman Shields WR

Superbowl bound.

keona said...

Wieters said... Am I correct 100 times.

You are wrong on all of em.

That is correct.

keona said...

Your assessment as to why the Steelers would want a player Miami does not want seem sourgrapes. Parcells wants a 'total rebuild'.

Vrabel, Colvin, Farrior and numerous others;

Were they not successful in their moves Dale.

Your not the messiah, nor am I, but be pleased that this blog is now being viewed by more people and by other web sites because of my posts. As well as your 'inside' knowledge.

And if you don't think I have assisted you here, take a look around Steeler websites. Your blog is pretty high up in talking points Dale.

Leave the cheque in the letter box.

stillexile said...

"this blog is now being viewed by more people and by other web sites because of my posts."

Bit full of yourself, Keona. I assure you, we come here to read what Mr. Lolley posts, as his writings actually make sense, quite unlike your spastic, ritalin induced ranting...

On topic- Hadnot would be nice, but not for the 5 million a year he seems to be shopping for. 4 mil I could see, but not 5.

Dale Lolley said...

The Steelers aren't currently negotiating with Starks because they don't want to set the market price for him.
That's not a bad idea. They don't want to do the negotiating for another team.
The Moore-Roethlisberger signings didn't eat up all that much cap space. They still have a little wiggle room and can restructure some vets if they need to get something else done.
Teams don't generally let good, young offensive linemen walk, Keona, as we learned last season with Sean Mahan.

Anonymous said...

Dale, good point about teams not letting good young lineman get away. Everything I've read about Hadnot -- strong at the point of attack, good pulling -- sounds great, almost too good to be true. And that makes me wary. Seems that if he was as good as advertised, the Dolphins would have locked him up.

I really enjoy your blog -- great information and excellent analysis. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Dale-- Was Sean Mahan that bad in your opinion? (I thought he was horrid) AND ... What can they do at this point. Release him? Or are they stuck with this guy?

kelly said...

I agree that Mahan is not the answer at center, he was clearly over matched, but I don't think they can release him. I don't think it would help our cap situation and we need experienced linemen. Mahan would likely be much better at guard.

stillexile said...

Dale- What's your opinion on Stapleton currently? I'm hearing he's bulked up into the 310-315lb range and seems to look good at that weight. Any truth to it?

kelly said...

stillexile, where did you hear Stapleton was 310-315 lbs.? That sounds a lot better than his listed weight of 285 lbs. I hope he can make a push for the position.

Dale Lolley said...

Stapleton has added some weight and is definitely bigger than 285. He'll be in the mix next year. The coaching staff likes him.
I don't think they'll cut Mahan. He's not a bad swing guy to have around - somebody who can play both guard and center.
He wasn't completely awful last season, but he's too light to hold the point of attack consistently against larger men. So even if he only gets blown up on three out of 10 plays, you're losing 30 percent of the time there and it looks very bad.
Hartings wasn't huge and he wasn't a great one-on-one blocker either, but he made up for it with good positioning.

BlastFurnace said...

"And if you don't think I have assisted you here, take a look around Steeler websites. Your blog is pretty high up in talking points Dale."

Please have been banned on 3 different message boards that I am a part of due to your long rants on your hatred for Dick Lebeau. Dale Lolley's opinion is why people come here.

Dale Lolley said...

And I do appreciate you all coming here, even you Keona.