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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Harrison arrested

Steelers linebacker James Harrison was arrested in Ohio Township for assaulting his girlfriend early Saturday morning.

According to the reports, Harrison slapped the woman.

We'll have more in this when we find it, but Harrison could be facing a suspension from the NFL if convicted.


Bonaventure said...

Besides a possible league suspension, do you think there will be any repercussions from the Steelers on this?

custard said...

Now Dale if you provided something like this I would say that you are 'ok'. But you don't.

I know who the Steelers will select in the first round of the draft. + Other rounds too!

1. They will select Brandon Albert if he is there. 100%.

2. If Albert is not there they will select a WR: Hardy, Sweed or Kelly. 100%

3. If options 1 and 2 are gone they will select Antoine Cason. 100%

4. In the chances that 1,2,3 are gone The Steelers will draft Quentin Groves OLB / DE a player who provides the Steelers with a Hybrid D. WDE / ROLB. Harrison Buck in 09?

5. In the unlikelihood that 1,2,3,4 are all gone they will select Kentwan Balmer.

6. If 1,2,3,4 and 5 are not there they will trade down to the early second and select Mike Pollack - C. Trade down to get an extra 2,3,5th picks.

So in order of preference The Steelers will draft:

1. Brandon Albert LG / LT
2. Hardy or Kelly Big WR 6-4+
3. Antoine Cason Ballhawking CB /FS.
4. Quentin Groves OLB / DE
5. Kentwan Balmer RDE / DT
6. Mike Pollack - C.

Either coming to visit the Steelers, interviewed at the combine, or Steelers went to their Pro Days:

OLB - Cliff Avril (Purdue) & Quentin Groves (Auburn)

WR - Limas Sweed (Texas), James Hardy (Indiana), Keenan Burton (Kentucky)

OL - Mike Pollack (Arizona State), Jeremy Zuttah (Rutgers), James Blair(W. Mich), Branden Albert (VA)

S - Jamie Silva (Boston College)

DL - Carlton Powell (Va Tech)

Now a Final Mock Draft from Me! Yes already.

1. Brandon Albert LG / LT
2. Cliff Avril OLB / DE
3. Keenan Burton WR
4. Carlton Powell DT / RDE
5. Jeremy Zuttah T/G/C
6. Jamie Silva . *** You heard it here first. FS / This guy is the best Special Teams player I have ever seen.

Feel free to give your opinions and hopefully some insight as well.

Keep safe to all!

custard said...
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Anonymous said...

Every post (except Dale's which includes the subject and background) should be limited to 100 words or less. As soon as I see custard or kenoa or what ever you use the next time, I skip over the subject. You gug(s) can make a 10 second speech into a 4 hours boring presentation.
Dale please find some way of excluding these "jerks"-they are killing a good blog.

ncoolong said...

He has posted the entirety of all three of his blogs a few times in the comments of my blog. Same guy..."Custard" that is.

My name's on here, Custard. . You've spammed me a few times. Quit being a dick.

Besides, Wexell called the selection of Albert way before anyone did, so don't question the originality of anyone's writing if you're simply stealing your stuff yourself.

Welcome said...
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Anonymous said...


I really enjoy the blog, and I hope that you don't let a few rotten apples spoil this for the rest of it. Keep up the good work.

Josh Soltis said...

Custard, where do you get off insulting Dale for providing the fans with this blog? He is not obligated to give anyone any kind of "scoop" and the fact that he does share any kind of information with us is far more than we can say about most writers. If you think you can do any better, by all means, go for it, but as of right now, you are nothing more than a plague upon a relatively informative and excellent blog.

You claim you know who the Steelers will select in the draft, yet you have absolutely no creditability. You do not cite any sources and expect people to believe you. You also go on to try and insult the people who posted 'flames' directed at you anonymously for posting as anonymous figures. I find this a bit hypocritical considering Custard is more than likely an alias and holds just as much value as an anonymous tag. I am absolutely appalled that you can be so hostile towards a man who is just trying to give information to the regular fans.

You are scum, trash, and quite possibly the most bitter person I have had the pleasure of encountering in the vast world of the internet.

custard said...
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Dale Lolley said...

Custard/Keona/whatever you are calling yourself today.
You're done.
I warned you before that personal attacks and such would not be tolerated on this blog.
Now, you're dropping F-bombs?
I can't and won't stand for it.
Go somewhere else with your childish rants.