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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brown named Steelers' MVP

In somewhat of a surprising vote, Antonio Brown was named the Steelers MVP after a vote of his teammates.

Not bad for a player who started three games this season.

But Brown broke the team record for yards from scrimmage in a season and has the highest kick return average for the Steelers since Mel Blount in 1970.

There were, however, a number of good candidates on this team this season, Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace and Ike Taylor among them.

You could also make a case for Max Starks as well. The Steelers were 2-2 without him and have gone 9-2 with him.

© Marcus Gilbert was named the team's top rookie in somewhat of an awkward moment.

The vote, which is made by the writers who cover the team, was done before last Saturday's game.

That was also prior to anyone learning Gilbert had been benched in that game.

Gilbert, who has started 12 games this season, still deserved the award, but getting benched because you missed a meeting and apparently have a sleeping problem - ie. falling asleep in meetings - is an issue.

Hopefully, Gilbert learned his lesson here and starts going to bed a little earlier - or at least drinks some coffee.

© James Farrior won The Chief award, which is given to the player who works the best with the media that covers the team.

I voted for Casey Hampton, but it was purely for personal reasons. I wanted to see Hampton step up in front of a podium.

Hampton is always funny to talk to and really doesn't hold anything back.

But Farrior, who's a guy others look up to in that locker room, was a good choice as well.

© James Harrison returned to practice Thursday and Ben Roethlisberger and Maurkice Pouncey both went through a full practice for the second consecutive day.

Troy Polamalu sat out again with his knee issue, but I expect him to return Friday.

© It appears Chris Kemoeatu, who somehow was named third alternate to the Pro Bowl, will be back in the starting lineup Sunday for the Steelers.

Trai Essex is too valuable to have out there every down, particularly since the Steelers would like to get Pouncey out of the game if they can build a big lead.


adamg said...

I think I'd have voted for Starks. He stabilized the OL and that's where an effective offense starts.

Anonymous said...

Starks upgraded the O-line from abysmal to halfway decent and sometimes good. I'll drink to that.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps the Steeler's trainers should have Marcus Gilbert checked out for sleep apnea. It is a very common problem with bigger guys. It can be a very dangerous condition if left unchecked. Sleep apnea killed the great Reggie White. Maybe this explains his falling asleep, no? Could you mention it to someone in the organization?


adamg said...

Definitely what anonymous just posted. If this has been happening repeatedly as I inferred from your comment, it could well be a medical condition and not a lack of professionalism.

Dale Lolley said...

That's the first thing I thought of as well, Anonymous. Lot of big guys deal with that.

bruinmann77 said...

Starks getting the MVP would be kinda Funny but can not argue what he has done for this OL.Dale do you think the medical staff are looking into that.

Skinley said...

Dale - along with this weeks prediction, can you also include your best guess at the Ratbirds / Bungles along with Bills / Pats?

Anonymous said...

I have heard more than just a few times about nfl linemen having sleep apnea. Hopefully it was just a small screw up by him though

Im cool with kemo starting sunday, but who's Legursky will be back for the playoffs isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Sleep apnea doesn't cause people to fall asleep

U guys are idiots

superfan99 said...

True, sleep apnea doesn't directly cause people to sleep. However, it causes irregular breathing while sleeping, which reduces the amount of oxygen a body gets while in a state of rest. Since people with sleep apnea aren't getting quality rest, they are often tired and sleepy throughout the day.

So sleep apnea could very well be associated with oversleeping and/or falling asleep in meetings.

Darren said...

One of the things they ask you to detect sleep apnea is about excessive sleepiness and if you fall asleep during the day. It can and does cause you to fall asleep if severe enough. I have it so I know.

joe said...

starks is the mvp, imo

everyone is reporting norv turner is getting fired monday. i am really hoping the steelers can talk him into taking the steeler oc position.

adamg said...

Randy Fitchner is the OC-in-waiting. He and Tomlin have a pretty long history together, iirc.

Anonymous said...

Fitchner is rumored to be heavily interested in the Memphis HC gig.

So, unless the Steelers gave ol' Bruce the heave-ho' and installed RF as the OC I'd assume he'd prefer a collegiate HC gig(if those rumors are to be believed), "history with Tomlin" or no.

kyle said...

I read that it wasn't so much that Gilbert fell asleep in a meeting but that he got to the facility early. Had breakfast. Had time to kill. Sat in a chair in the lounge and fell asleep and was subsequently late for a meeting. Maybe it's happened before or is coupled with falling asleep in meetings but that's the story I read.

joe said...

i see gilberts benching as nothing more than tomlin trying to send some sort of message with two weeks to go. not sure what kind of message when the sleeping goes on by many, all season long.

arians is retiring after the season by all accounts. if they have someone "in waiting," it should not matter if norv turner is available. tomlin would be a fool not to call turner

Tim said...

I was not in favor of signing Max Starks. We were doing just fine with Jon Scott. In fact, in his return last week, Scott was on the field for all three touchdowns. There was no reason to go after Starks or play Gilbert over Scott. I won't go quite as far as to say my vote for MVP goes to Scott, but I will say all this talk of it going to Starks is ridiculous, since Scott was playing fine before we signed Starks and there is no noticeable difference between the three offensive tackles.