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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday news and notes

Ben Roethlisberger went through a full practice on Wednesday and appears to be on course to start for the Steelers Sunday at Cleveland.

It's the first time Roethlisberger has practiced since suffering a sprained ankle Dec. 8 against the Browns.

It's also a needed step for Roethlisberger. He needs to be on the field to be ready for the playoffs.

© Things don't look quite so good for LaMarr Woodley. I spoke to Woodley at length today and he sounded like a player who was resigned to sitting out again this week to get another week's rest for his injured hamstring.

© Maurkice Pouncey was also back on the field today and says he's pain free.

© Missing from practice most notably was safety Troy Polamalu, who is said to be suffering from a knee injury.

That's a new one. Polamalu had been playing through a hamstring problem, but he was very active last Sunday against the Rams.

© Interesting to note that the Steelers finished their home schedule with 28 sacks at Heinz Field, but have just five in seven road games this season.


Steve-O said...

Does Ben look mobile or is he going to be limited in his ability to move around in the pocket?

Dale Lolley said...

He looked OK. It's not like they're getting after him in practice.

Anonymous said...

That's ribs, concussion-ish thing, hamstring, and knee for No. 43 the last month or so. Fingers crossed.

Woodley's hamstring is not going to be better until sometime in the spring. Fingers crossed.

That's a pretty astounding stat about sacks on the road. Worrisome. I think that the playoffs is all about not turning the ball over on offense and getting a pass rush (actual hits on the QB, sacks) on defense. Then we can beat anyone. Otherwise, forget it.

marc said...

i like how the steeler's kept saying woodley was coming out of games because his hamstring was "fatigued." now he will be missing the last two games of the season and a question mark for the playoffs. obviously, they rushed him back instead of letting it heal. stupid.

Lance said...

Hopefully Polamalu and Harrison are just the usual late season veteran needs an extra day off injuries...if Woodley is a go for the play offs we should be in good shape from an injury standpoint, there are a lot of teams much worse off.

Patrick said...


Back here in Philly, I heard a rumor that the Steelers might cut Mendenhall before the playoffs start and replace him with Jamal Lewis. I know you've been very critical of Mendenhall, but is signing a retired RB so late in the season really the answer?


Dale Lolley said...

Woodley's hamstring has been fatigued. They haven't wanted to push it.
Funny how the fatigue set in once the score got out of hand.

Obviously, they had to play him against SF. Didn't really have a choice there with Harrison suspended.

He'll be fine for the playoffs.

Troy sitting out practices isn't anything new.

Harrison returned to practice Thursday.

marc said...

did he not come out of one of those games in the 1st quarter?