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Thursday, December 15, 2011

No news remains good news for Harrison

Defense attorneys will tell you that the longer a jury deliberates, the better the chance is that their client will get off on whatever he is being charged with.

So it seems to be with Steelers linebacker James Harrison.

Harrison had his appeal conference call with Ted Cottrell on Wednesday at 2 p.m. And more than 24 hours later, Cottrell still had not made a ruling on Harrison's suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Cleveland's Colt McCoy.

It would seem that if Cottrell was inclined to go along with the league's suspension, he would have already made an announcement in that regard.

But the longer Cottrell considers the appeal, the more it appears he is looking for a way to rescind the suspension without leaving the league with egg on its face.

© Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Maurkice Pouncey did not practice again on Thursday.

And that's OK. As long as they can get on the field by Saturday, they will be OK to play Monday night at San Francisco.


datruth4life said...

I know Alex Smith is hoping beyond hope that Deebo doesn't play Monday night. Just give him a $50,000 fine and let'em play.

Dale, what do you think about this year's draft class going forward (including rookie free agent tight end Wesley Saunders) and do you think Kemo will see the field again anytime soon for the Steelers?

Dale Lolley said...

Not sure what you mean, what do I think of them. They've been contributing pretty regularly.

As for Kemo, no, I don't think he's going to see the field again anytime soon unless there's more injuries. You never know.

Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't see the field because that would mean we suffered yet another offensive line injury

Henry said...

I posted in the last blog entry about Kemo's play. I said we coudlnt afford to play Essex bc he was such a bad run blocker.

I still contend that Kemo is better for our trap running game than Essex, but I also agree we should jettison Kemo at season's end.

Can there be anymore writing on the wall?

We should have let the Jets sign that idiot away 3 years ago.

joe said...

i hope you are correct about the long time in getting a ruling. let's hope they are working on the wording of their statement to explain why they reversed

obviously i'm hoping jh gets a reversal, but also hoping the nfl has realized they need to have a fair hearing. not just rubber stamping the fine/suspension.

marc said...

i think it's a tough decision to play pouncey and/or #7. being healthy for the playoffs is so much more important. yes, there is a chance the steelers can grab a first round bye, but at what cost?

Anonymous said...

marc - u sound like a woman

dont cry if the Ben and Pouncey play ok sweetie?

Marshall said...

If Ben can go, I'd definitely play him. The Steelers must win this game regardless of what happens with baltimore on Sunday night. But after this game, I'd sit him and go with Batch in the final two weeks.

As far as Harrison's appeal, I really hope Cotrell or whomever is thinking this over doesn't just string him along and then deny the appeal at the last minute. That would just be wrong.

marc said...

whatever, call me what you want. i remember a hobbled troy and no pouncey that most likely cost the steeler's a super bowl.

Anonymous said...

so if Troy and Pouncey sat out all year waiting for the SuperBowl we would have won?

lol u go girl

marc said...

yes, that's exactly what i said.

Robert K said...

I agree with Marc that the Steelers need to consider resting Ben if need be. Even if we win the game if he gets hurt worse it would be the definition of a pyrrhic victory.

Pouncey is out. I'd expect him to miss at least 2 games, possible more.

datruth4life said...


What I meant was what are your thoughts on this Steelers rookie class? I think it has contributed nicely to this point. Heyward and Gilbert are holding their own and Allen and C. Brown look like future starters in waiting. It's a shame that Baron Batch had the ACL injury, but he should back to compete for that remaining RB slot. The jury is out on LB Chris Carter, but he definitely needs a year in the weight room to better compete.

I think TE Wesley Saunders is going to be a weapon in this offense, and he and Heath Miller together will be the best 1-2 punch the Steelers have had at the position in decades. I also think practice squadders DE Corbin Bryant and RT Trevis Turner both could make next year's squad, if they aren't called up this year because of injuries.

Here's also hoping that no news is good news on Deebo.

adamg said...

Keep in mind the Steelers went 3-1 last year when BR was suspended. I think they can win with Batch and Dixon.

Anonymous said...

The decision to uphold Harrison's suspension was made by Ted Cottrell.

marc said...

can you please give us some feedback on dixon? i just find it so hard to believe that batch is still the #2.

Robert K said...

Just watch a few old games of Dixon playing...he still can't read and NFL defense.

And thats why he is stuck as #3.

Dale Lolley said...

Batch is just a better QB at this point because of his experience. And when you have a 10-3 team, you're not in the position to have a kid get on the job training.

As for the rookies, you pretty much laid it all out.

Anonymous said...

If Ben can play, he plays. There is no saving him. To my knowledge, the steelers have not even officially wrapped up a playoff spot. The first round bye and at least 1 home game is till a possibility at this point. The players that give you the best chance to win are the ones you put on the field. Why do you think Ben came back in last week, a hobbled big ben is better than a healthy Batch. Resting Ben if he can play is stupid. Period. We are not out infront of everyone like the packers here. This is not the time to be thinking ahead to the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

"whatever, call me what you want. i remember a hobbled troy and no pouncey that most likely cost the steeler's a super bowl."

WTF does this even mean in regards to Pouncey? Pouncey got hurt in the AFC championship game. Were the steelers supposed to hold him out that game because they might play in the Super Bowl the next week?

marc said...

just making the point you want to be as healthy as you can in the playoffs. trying to push #7 and pouncey to play this week might not be in the steeler's best interests, imo.

they don't need this game to make the playoffs. obviously, you play whoever you have to if the playoffs are on the line or it's a playoff game.

Nate said...

Yeah Marc, except not having Pouncey and Roethlisberger play could result in the Steelers having to go to Denver, Baltimore and New England to make the Superbowl.

There is a good chance Baltimore drops one of their two remaining home games and opens the door for Pittsburgh to win the division at 13-3. They aren't going to lose both.

adamg said...

Regarding Dixon, the Steelers know he's gone after this season to go somewhere he has a better chance to play. Leftwich was the clear nr 2 qb and Batch was probably odd man out until Leftwich got hurt and put on IR. Then given the circumstances of Dixon being a UFA after the season, I think the choice was to go with Batch as nr 2 with the intent of bringing Leftwich back as the back up next year. This has all left Dixon as kind of a man without a country.

marc said...

i see what your saying, nate, and don't disagree with you. that's why i originally said it's a difficult decision. the steelers could very well steal the division from the ravens if they win this week.

however, considering #7's complete lack of mobility and increased potential for further injury, is it worth the risk? that's my main question, and i'm not sure it is. that's all.

Anonymous said...

Being immobile might actually help Ben become a better QB. He'll have to throw the ball quicker and make quicker decisions rather than holding the ball too long and taking a beating

I bet Ben does play

Pouncey however I hope they sit out