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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Who I like, Cleveland version

The Steelers continually made a point of saying that the Browns are No. 1 in the league against the pass and eighth overall in total defense.

It's a farce. Cleveland's pass numbers are so good because everybody is running like crazy against them, particularly in recent weeks.

Over the past five games, the Browns have given up 1,098 rushing yards, nearly 220 per game.

Why throw the ball a lot when you can do that?

The Steelers will have a similar game plan tonight. They'll come out throwing and use the no-huddle to build a lead and then turn things over to Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman to finish it off.

And on the short week against a team with five rookies in the starting lineup, this could get ugly.

Take the Steelers to win 27-10


Anonymous said...

Steelers - 29 Browns - 14

Two more predictions:

This will be the game where Troy run-blitzes and literally steals the handoff and returns it for a touchdown.

This will be the game where Ben's WR screen goes for a pick-six. (It's good to get it over with in this game, though, because it has to happen eventually, especially with the Ward-feeding. Finnegan and Suggs each got it, and some Bengal lineman should have had one on Sunday.)

John Kang said...

I hope this isn't a rehash of the '09 Thursday night game vs. the Browns, where the game plan called for throwing, throwing and more throwing in high winds and freezing temperatures.

RUN, RUN, RUN against that porous Run D!

Patrick said...

I don't see this being an ugly one, but I thought the KC game was going to be over by halftime. McCoy doesn't seem to be playing well this year but I don't exactly follow the Browns. He is a competitor though from what I saw last year.

I'll take Pittsburgh 27-17 with the Browns scoring late to make it look closer than it is.

Anonymous said...

^ agree.. Our starters should be off the field at the 4th qtr. I see the score more like 35-3.

I also see Ward getting 8 of his 10 that he needs and the Redman hilight reel begins in the first five min's.

TarheelFlyer said...

I don't mean to sound stupid, but if this is the gameplan, this team's coaching staff is stupid. Yep, let's use the PASS to build a lead on a team that can stop the RUN. Yep, sounds good to me. NOT!

I don't get it. Possessions which march down the field slow and methodical do the same thing throwing the ball 80 yards to Wallace does, except it also probably kills another 5-6 minutes on the clock. Yep, let's throw on a team which can't stop the run.

Anonymous said...

We controlled the clock plenty by passing vs. the Pats.

But I do like the idea of trying to run it alot tonight anyway.

Patrick said...

for those curious, Hoke and Dwyer to IR, Ivy and Cromartie-Smith called up.

KT said...

Anyone know what the back story behind Dwyer's going on IR is? Also, do the Steelers have a Running back on their practice squad?

Anonymous said...

So do we go with Batch, Dixon, or sign McNabb?

Batch behind that porous line is scary, he won't be able to take the hits Ben does..

Anonymous said...

Damn it Ben!!


adamg said...

Ben must have had 10 seconds back there. Absolutely no reason not to throw the ball away with no one open.

adamg said...

Well, he's back.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts, both obvious:

1. Ben is one tough dude
2. Kemo SUCKS!!

Just venting.


Anonymous said...

Classic Cleveland game wouldn't be complete without another questionable hit from Harrison. Fine TBA later in week..

Patrick said...

one of these days Harrison is going to get suspended. Hopefully, its not this week and they lose him against the 49ers.

That hit was vicious and whenever its a QB it seems you can't get away with anything like that. But my problem is that Mayock is saying there is no such helmet to helmet rule on a RB and if thats true, then on that play McCoy was certainly a runningback until he decided to suddenly throw. He was definitely behind the line, but whats a defender to do, two hand touch him?

Anonymous said...

If it's a QB, yes. Two hand touch. That seems to be the trend this year.

Patrick said...

Really liked watching Antonio Brown being all smiles on the NFL Network post game. Even though he celebrates like a nut, he seems like a genuinely humble guy and hes becoming a sensation.

adamg said...

On the injury front, high ankle sprains for Ben and Pouncey, possible hammy for Troy.

A couple of those flags on Kemo, esp the last one, were pretty ticky tacky. So was the defensive holding that wiped out the last pick.

Tomlin defended his dumb decision to go for it on 4th down at the 1, but before he went for it, NFLN showed a sideline shot of him asking LeBeau if the defense could hold should they not make it. When LeBeau nodded yes, then Tomlin allowed the offense to try it.

Patrick said...

People used to say Cowher was a glorified cheerleader, can we start saying the same about Tomlin?

He has to be the king of ugly wins. And its not ugly wins to good teams, or even middle of the pack teams. Its playing down to your competition almost every time you play a bad opponent. Weak.

Anonymous said...

Give Patrick's emphasis on style points I'm beginning to think we might have a BCS voter on our hands. Maybe for the Harris poll?

Patrick said...

oh come on, if you think this game wasn't ugly then you need your head checked.

This combined with the KC game, the Jax game and the Colts game?

Thats a trend, not a coincidence.

kyle said...


This is the mistake you're making that 99% of football fans (and "analysts") make: the transitive property does not apply in football. Just because Team A beats Team B, it doesn't mean Team A is better than everybody that Team B beat. Sure, the Steelers looked poor against the Colts and the Browns and the Chiefs, they also won those games, plus they looked very good against the Patriots. Tomlin didn't fumble the ball twice in the redzone, neither did the game plan.

marc said...

i wish brown would stop with the pointing after a first down. it's stupid.

the d-line could not apply pressure on mccoy most of the game. that was disappointing.

RB's ran hard. nice to see them sustain the effort from last game.

didn't know troy hurt his hammy. that could be bad.

i rest woodley, BR, troy, sanders, pouncey against 49ers. i don't care about winning the division. we need them all healthy for the playoffs.