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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nate Clements down for the Bengals

Nate Clements is inactive for the Bengals today, meaning Kelly Jennings will be in the starting lineup.

In the first meeting with the Bengals, the Steelers went into the game hoping to target Jennings, who stinks.

Now, he's starting opposite Pac Man Jones.

I originally predicted a 24-20 Pittsburgh win, but we can bump that a bit and make it 27-17 Steelers.


Patrick said...

you jinxed it Dale

3 picks and a TD for Jennings

(before i'm flamed, sarcasm)

adamg said...

Steeler special teams should get the game ball today. A blocked FG, a punt returned for a TD and excellent punting by Kapinos and long kick-offs from Suisham.

Congrats to BR and Ward for reaching record milestones.

Anonymous said...

Good Post bro. I totally agree with you Patrick. Now they should wear a Sapphire Ring to bring back good fortune.