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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Packers subterfuge

The Steelers began preparations for this weekend's game against Green Bay with the idea that Matt Flynn will be the quarterback they face.

That could change, of course, depending on the availability of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers are playing things close to the vest at this point. The media in Green Bay is only permitted to see the team stretch portion of practice, which means that Rodgers could, in fact, be taking all of the first-team snaps.

But the report out there now is that he's working with the second team and Matt Flynn is taking all of the first team snaps.

What the Packers run offensively doesn't change because of the quarterback. But the Packers are certainly more effective offensively with Rodgers running the show.

We'll know more about the situation Friday when the Packers have to make some kind of designation with Rodgers, who is dealing with spiral fracture in his clavicle.

At this point, it's been six weeks since he was injured.

@ Rookie linebacker Terence Garvin was fined $25,000 by the NFL for hitting Cincinnati punter Kevin Huber high with a block last Sunday, with his helmet coming under on Huber's facemask.

Huber suffered a broken jaw and cracked a vertebrae due to the hit.

It's illegal for punters and kickers to be hit in the head at any time, hence the fine. If that's the case - and it is - they should have a different colored uniform or helmet to let would-be blockers know they are off limits.

At the speed the game is played at, it's impossible to identify a kicker with bodies flying everywhere. And spare me the "poor little punter" stuff. Huber is 6-1, 200 pounds, hardly a little guy. Half the guys on the field for kickoffs and punts are defensive backs and wide receivers, most of who are the same size or smaller than Huber.


ibygeorge said...

I thought the helmet to helmet rule protected all players not just the punter.

Dale Lolley said...

No, you can make contact with the helmet. Happens all the time in the trenches.