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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday news, notes

Players who did not want to face the Packers on Sunday with temperatures in single digits might get their wish. The forecast for Sunday has been changed from frigidly cold to the possibility of a snowstorm with 3 to 6 inches of accumulation.

The Packers have already sent out a notice for 650 people at $10 per hour to clear the snow from Lambeau Field.

What could be better than Lambeau Field in December in the snow?

@ Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy continues to play games with the issue of his starting quarterback.

Thursday, Matt Flynn took all the snaps with the first team in the portion the media is allowed to watch.

But McCarthy said after practice that Aaron Rodgers looked "sharp and ready to go."

Rodgers has still not received medical clearance to play, though McCarthy said he will announce the starter Friday.

@ Interesting sight following the Steelers' practice on Thursday: Jason Worilds talking at length with Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert.

They might have been exchanging holiday blessings, but the conversation lasted several minutes.

@ Brett Keisel was back at practice today and admitted he was really trying to get back onto the field because these next two games could be the last of his career.

Keisel has missed three of the past four games with a foot injury.


DD said...

Love the Diesel, but when this team still has even the slimmest of shots at the playoffs, he is a liability on the field at this point. Much like Hines was when his end came. He has earned the right to play no doubt, but he should share time I think.

Anonymous said...

I am glad they are signing Woirlds, I just wish they had done so earlier.
He is going to cost them a bunch more than he would have a year ago. Also it is a bitter pill to have to swallow Woodley's huge cap number for the next two years.
But at least it seems like the team is adjusting their recent philosophy of paying the old instead of the new.
I still am upset with them letting Keenan Lewis go but I guess he was a package deal with his best friend Mike Wallace. Now we have to draft another corner and a safety.
There seem to be some good ones available in the 15-20 range which seems to be about where we will be drafting given our propensity to win likely meaningless games at the end of the season.
I am not in favor of giving up, but if we get a major injury to Ben like we did with Miller at the end of last year we will be regretting that we were trying for a 1% chance at the playoffs just to make our draft position worse.
Of course nobody on this team can tell Ben to sit down when he is healthy.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Keenan Lewis deal, he gets bigtime love on this site, the FO should've handled that a little better. With Cortez Allen and Lewis we would've been set for years, now we have to draft one early next year

Dale Lolley said...

Had they re-signed Lewis, they possibly wouldn't have been able to afford re-signing Worilds this year.
I'd rather have the linebacker over a corner with four career interceptions.

Anonymous said...

I was anonymous 5:10, and I never thought of that dale. Agreed, Worilds is a bigger piece of the puzzle in our 3-4 defense and probably wouldn't have the money to afford Worilds if we resign Lewis, although Lewis has been missed since week 1

Anonymous said...

Had they re-signed Lewis, they possibly wouldn't have been able to afford re-signing Worilds this year.

I dunno. Lewis has a first year cap hit of $2.2m, and $4.5m next. Not a backbreaker.

The correct business decision would've been to cut Ike this year, and use his money to resign Lewis. Would've put them in better position to sign Worilds this offseason as well.

But I don't know if I could've done that. Almost any other player, no problem. But Ike has been the quintessential team player. Took two below market deals, works obsessively even when he's not 'working' working, and recruits many others to train/condition with him in the offseason. Couldn't ask for a better team player than Ike. So, even tho it made a hell of a lot of business sense to cut him last year and resign Lewis, I don't think I could've pulled that trigger.

Patrick said...

fortunately "you" didn't have to pull that trigger.