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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tuesday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin basically had a double press conference today, spending 25 minutes talking about the sideline fiasco in the Ravens game and 10 minutes talking about upcoming events.

Tomlin was contrite when talking about what happened along the sideline in Baltimore, stating that he was embarrassed over his "blunder," a word he used at least 10 times when describing the event.

Tomlin said he had spoken with league officials, including Roger Goodell and Ray Anderson, who will be in charge of policing the event and meting out any penalties, and they told him they had looked at past games to see if where Tomlin was standing was out of character.

It was not. Tomlin normally stands around the 40 where the ball is kicked off. And this video (brought to us by blogger Ryan Wilson) shows that Tomlin never really turns to watch the kickoff, watching the entire play unfold on the JumboTron:

@ As for the game against the Dolphins, Tomlin called left tackle Kelvin Beachum and right guard David DeCastro both questionable. Beachum has a knee injury, while DeCastro is dealing with a left foot sprain.

Brett Keisel is out with his foot injury, while LaMarr Woodley and Steve McLendon both could be back.

Tomlin was also optimistic about running back Le'Veon Bell, although Bell must pass a number of concussion tests this week and that can be a day-to-day thing.

@ With Woodley coming back, Tomlin acknowledged that Jason Worilds has played well on the left side and that moving Woodley to the right side could be in play.

@ The Steelers signed center/guard David Snow, who appeared in five games, making two starts, last season in Buffalo, to replace Rashad Butler on their roster.

Butler was signed Saturday, but left the team Monday for personal reasons. The Steelers received a roster exemption for Butler.


joe said...

"could" be in play" ? worilds has earned another start on the left, no doubt about that.

marc said...

funny, I think that video link makes tomlin look even worse.

if worilds doesn't start on the left, they are out of their minds.

with the o-line injuries, this could be a real tough game. Miami's defense is one of the better against the pass, tied for 5th in the league for sacks and 2nd for INT's.

do you realize there are 35 defensive players who have more sacks than the leader on the steelers defense (worilds - 6).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dale. Really enjoy the blog and visit daily. I have to say, I just can't tell. Tomlin says he didn't mean it and I want to believe him. What he did was just enough to make it look bad for him. With that little jab step to the field, he could've meant to do it. Only he will ever truly know his intent. However, the Ratbird returner was going to get tackled anyway, so he can shove using that as an excuse.

Too many injuries now for this team to overcome. Are you thinking 8-8? That's my guess.

Dale Lolley said...

Don't know if he's earned another start on the left. Some of his pressures/sacks came when he started on the right side, the near safety against Detroit, for example. They can move guys around and flip-flop them at times.

As for the jab step, if you push off to jump quickly in an opposite direction, your leg will push out, especially if that is your dominant leg.

marc said...

don't dispute what you are saying about the jab step, but rather the whole point of being in that position in the first place is what I have a problem with. he can say all he wants, his actions, to me, sing a different tune.

regarding worilds, he seems more effective on the left. regardless, he is their best pass rusher and needs to start and be on the field.

Dale Lolley said...

I guarantee that any game you watch, pros or college, the head coach is in the white. Happens in every game. That's why the NFL sent out the memo Wednesday.

BTW, Tomlin said he didn't read the memo because the Steelers were getting ready to leave for a game in Baltimore the next day.

Patrick said...

if I don't read a memo/email at my job because I was preparing for something else and then do the exact thing the message asked me not to do, not only are my bosses mad, i'm probably fired.

Why is that excuse? Because he played a national Thanksgiving game? That only makes it worse imo.

NineFingers said...

Fortunately for Tomlin the memo was not given by his bosses (the Rooneys) It was given by the league who does not employ him.

His bosses probably prefer his focus be on the game at hand.

BTW, This whole thing is really dumb and blown out of proportion.

adamg said...

Yes, Patrick, the league was so concerned about players and coaches in "the white", it waited until after the 11th game of the season to issue a memo about it. You think the head coach of a team that league scheduled to be on the road Sunday and turn around to go back on the road for a Thursday night game had time to read a memo.

Anonymous Brian said...

Anyone see the fan video?

Tomlin clearly takes a big step right to the edge of the field AFTER Jones breaks containment - which he can see on the jumbotron and hear from the crowd.

Then, in the NBC footage from the game, he's no longer looking UP at the jumbotron but peripherally / over his shoulder at the approaching Jones - he has radar of some sort, maybe - waiting on purpose till the last second to get out of the way. (The jab step explanation is acceptable, however :) )

Thank you, Oliver Stone / Seinfeld episode w/ Keith Hernandez.

My take anyway, on the most important news story of all time. Big fine & 1-game suspension deserved.

marc said...

are you referring to the video from the endzone perspective?

between the endzone view and the coaches22 it's amazing to me anyone thinks he did not do it intentionally. I expect he will get suspended for a game.

dale, if the steelers lose this game do you think they would put shamarko back out there ahead of allen to get more experience for the rest of the season?

Anonymous Brian said...


But. Watching it again: Maybe he's getting out of the ref's way? Now, assuming it's not intentional - that sort of military step toward the field - it just looks really bad.

Eh, now I officially don't care anymore. Finally. If someone put a gun to my head I would say he did on purpose on an impulse.

Mike Rice said...

Looks like its 100k fine for Tomlin and possible loss of picks for the team because he interfered with an ongoing play on the field. If they lose draft picks over this then Tomlin should be fired. Losing draft picks can cripple a team for years potentially. Especially a team with salary cap issues

kyle said...

I don't know that it has to be "amazing" to think he didn't do it intentionally. I don't know for sure. Neither does anyone but him.

But what is so amazing about the possibility that he was watching the return on the jumbotron. Moved around the official and got further into the white. When Jones broke free he moved his feet apart (just like I stood up from my couch). Then he turns his head and Jones is 5 yards away and he hurriedly moves.

Watch it in real time. I don't even think it's a second from when he turns his head to when Jones runs by him.

I don't think any of what I wrote proves it was unintentional but please don't act like it's cut and dry.

Anonymous said...

There is so much silly and stupid being said about this.

Patrick: if you are hanging on to your job by such a thread that is too bad. I am guessing you do not have the responsibilities or the profile of an NFL Head Coach.

Also, as was correctly pointed out, the ROONEY's and not the Commissioner are Tomlin's bosses.

The biggest coaching cheat in the history of modern sports is still on the job in NE. Who cares about this stupid play?

Patrick said...

or my job expects me to read the memo and not make the error it discusses, the following day

maybe thats it.

and the distinction between the league and the rooneys as to who is Tomlin's "boss" in this situation is practically non-existent.