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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday news, notes

Center Cody Wallace, caught on camera grabbing the crotch of Miami defensive lineman Randy Starks from behind while in a scrum following a Ben Roethlisberger fumble on Sunday claimed the incident was an accident.

Wallace said he was reaching for the football when he put his hands between Starks' legs. And when he realized that the ball - at least not that one - wasn't there, he stopped.

"I was reaching under there and when I realized I couldn't reach it, I pulled my hand out," Wallace said. "It's unfortunate that it looked like it did."

Wallace, who was making his first career start, said he's taken quite a bit of ribbing from his teammates.

"Yeah, definitely," Wallace said.

Starks is, as well.

 "They are getting on me `Check the prostate' and stuff like that," Starks said. "I'm hearing it."

Wallace also drew a personal foul in the fourth quarter for blasting a Miami defender following a run by Roethlisberger. He would not speculate on whether he'll be fined for one or or both of the incidents, but the bet here is yes.

Offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum (knee), wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery (shoulder) and guard David DeCastro (foot) were full participants in practice Wednesday.

Defensive end Brett Keisel (foot), offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle), defensive end Ziggy Hood (ankle), nose tackle Steve McLendon (ankle) and safety Troy Polamalu (shoulder) were limited.

@ Rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones said today that he's learned a lot in his rookie season, mostly that he needs to get bigger and stronger.

Jones said rushing against Miami's Bryant McKinnie on Sunday - whom he called the biggest human being he's ever seen - was like trying to play against Shaquille O'Neal.


Greg Mercer said...

i know that Jarvis Jones has underwhelmed this season, but i really like his attitude and think he will be a good one when it's all said and done.

he made too many plays in college playing big time football to not have it carry over to the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Since we've already speculated on Revis, it's Tomlin's turn. Now you and I both know that he's not going to Texas, but since the playoffs aren't in the picture, we need to talk about something:

Dale Lolley said...

Jones realizes he's got to get better, stronger.

The good news for him is that Jason Worilds had a similar problem early in his career. Doesn't have that issue now.

phil said...

i wonder if it would be a good business decision to scale back sanders' snaps a little, reducing his stats for the year and reducing his market value accordingly. wheaton could really benefit from some snaps, and they could still "start" sanders for appearances.

kind of cynical but food for thought

Anonymous said...


If they anticipate losing Sanders anyway, they need to get Wheaton on the field more as WR is one of the more difficult transitions from college. So what you're saying makes sense, not cynical.

phil said...

i was actually saying they'd try and keep sanders, by playing him less and reducing his stats they'd be making him more affordable

Anonymous said...

Let him walk. What a disappointment he's been this year. Start cotchery opposite Brown and Wheaton in the slot and see what happens. Next year Moye or J Brown will round out our WR corp. Later Limas Sanders!

Anonymous said...

Jarvis reminds me of Troy's rookie year when he was just shy of making big plays, next year expect a jump.


Easley said...

SBK is right. I remember in Polamalu's rookie year all the shouts from the armchair GMs that he was a bust. Same with Timmons. Hell, same with Jason Worilds as recently at 10 weeks ago. Jarvis definitely seems like the kind of guy who'll put in the work to improve. I too expect he'll take a big jump next season, just like Polamalu and Timmons before him.