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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday news, notes

Defensive end Brett Keisel, nose tackle Steve McLendon and Troy Polamalu all sat out practice on Thursday, a troubling trend for a Steelers defense getting ready to face the Cincinnati Bengals.

It  would appear that Keisel will definitely not play again this week with his foot injury, while McLendon and Polamalu were out Thursday after being limited on Wednesday.

@ Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said Thursday he's been really pleased with the way that Cam Heyward and Jason Worilds have emerged.

The more I hear and the more I see, I believe the Steelers will make a big push to re-sign Worilds.

The salary cap is expected to go up - there are conflicting reports - to $126 to $127 million. That would be an increase of a few million dollars, something helpful to the Steelers.

The more I hear, the more I think the Steelers might try to keep both Worilds and LaMarr Woodley to play along with Jarvis Jones. As we've seen over the past few years, the Steelers typically need three outside linebackers.

And there's nothing to gain from releasing Woodley after this season. It would actually cost the team about $500,000 more against its salary cap.

Woodley could be asked to take a pay cut, but I don't think releasing him will be an option. There's too much dead money involved.


Mike Rice said...

Guess we will see what woodley is made of. I believe in the guy, yah he's a little injury prone but he is a monster when healthy. I think a paycut would be a great move. It would benefit him to able to play with talent on the other side like all those years with Harrison plus the three of them can rotate and hopefully stay healthy

Anonymous said...

That thing Polamalu did this offseason where he worked through the scar tissue? Wish he did it 4 years ago.
Could the same thing work on Woodley's hammys?

Zac in Tempe

Anonymous said...

I believe I read that if they cut Woodley after June 1st or whatever they save 5 mil against the cap.

The guy hasn't had a good season since 2010, it's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Just to put things in perspective Woodley is tied for 56th in the league in sacks...with a total of 5. And he is our second highest paid player.

Anonymous said...

woodley should pay harrison 10% of his salary

TarheelFlyer said...

I'd actually like to see the team show some 4/3 looks utilizing Woodley with his hand on the ground. Look at this:
Ike/Gay or Allen/Troy/Shamarko

That is a pretty good base grouping for a 4/3 and allows Hood and McLendon to both do more attacking in the middle of the D.

Noel said...

Woodley has been asked to drop into coverage a lot. Worilds is rushing more and his emergence has coincided with better play from the DEs. I agree we should be seeing him on the field more but he's been solid when he's in there. He might be overpaid but he still can be an important cog in our defense.

Who knows? The move to the right side might benefit him as much as Worilds going to the left. With his build he would have been on the right if Harrison hadn't been here when he was drafted.

Dale Lolley said...

You still have to carry his salary until June 1 to do that. Others would have to be released to get them to that point.
Woodley has played well this season. He's missed three games. But his run support has been good and he was basically their only pass rush in the first month and a half.

marc said...

noel, if you are right and they are dropping Woodley in coverage more, could it be because he is having trouble pressuring the QB? I'm not saying you are wrong, but rather, it could be the other way around. his lack of consistent pressure could have been forcing them to bring pressure in other areas which made him drop into coverage more often. just a thought.

regardless of why his numbers are down, he is still overpaid.

also, I think it is funny that people are now saying Jarvis jones needs to get bigger and stronger. there were people on this blog saying that from the very beginning of the year. it was obvious.

finally, a question to all of you. Timmons is really the only guy holding down the fort at ILB right now and he's finishing his 7th season. is it possible the steelers go ILB early in the draft versus CB or NT this time? Do they need to?

Henry said...

Jones has showed a decent knack for playing soft zones over the middle. Any chance they move him to ILB?

Woodley- Timmons- Jones- Worilds with Williams and Spence in reserve is a deep LB corps.

Noel said...

Marc, I thought it might be a reflection of the weakness in run stopping up the middle with a new NT and Foote out but of course I'm only guessing...I'll never be upset over seeing a LB picked in the first round and a playmaking corner would be a great pick but I really think a solid NT, even only a 2 down monster, would lead to so many good things that the current group of linebackers would go from good to outstanding. Williams played pretty well as the season went along and they must have some hopes for Spence still.

The way the league is going we're more likely to see the heavy nickel package than the base 3-4 much of the time anyway.