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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mid-week news

After sitting out the past two games with a knee injury, James Harrison looks like he's more than healthy enough to return for the Steelers this week against Kansas City.

The  question now is whether or not the Steelers will play him?

At this point, it looks like they will, something I wasn't so sure of earlier in the week.

But if they do play Harrison, who sits?

The Steelers have dealt with a similar issue at inside linebacker the past two weeks with everyone finally healthy. They have dressed all four the past two games, with rookie Ryan Shazier playing sparingly.

Head coach Mike Tomlin said that Shazier hasn't been used more defensively because of he hasn't been where the team wants him to be in practice.

He also said that even though Marcus Gilbert practiced at right tackle last week, he decided to keep Mike Adams there because Adams had looked better - and more healthy - at practice last week.

The Steelers might be putting Harrison, Arthur Moats and Jarvis Jones in similar situation this week.

All three have been full participants at practice. The Steelers could take a look at who looks the best and go with those two, putting the other on the inactive list.

@ Kansas City is something of an enigma.

The Chiefs are one of just five NFL teams that enter this weekend averaging less than 200 yards passing per game. They haven't had a wide receiver catch a touchdown pass all season.

And yet they are second in the NFL in red zone offense in touchdown percentage, scoring TDs at a 67.5 percent rate.

Defensively, they allow 4.9 yards per rushing attempt but have given up just two rushing touchdowns this season. They rank first in the NFL in red zone defense.

And though they do get after the passer, recording 38 sacks, they have allowed 39, a big number for a team that doesn't really throw the ball deep all that often.


Anonymous said...

Hm I thought with alex smith's quick passing they would have like 20 sacks at the most. Very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Smith threw downfield more times last week than he had all season combined. DeAnthony Thomas appears to be what Haley/Thomas hoped Archer would be.

Dale Lolley said...

Smith threw downfield more last week. But the Chiefs still needed a punt return TD to break 30. Not a high-powered offense at all. And chucking it downfield is not his forte.

DD said...

Ben is going to get hit this game. Likely a lot. The check down to Bell should be in full use Sunday. That is for sure. And really, it is usually good for 8 yards a pop so that shd be a go to play. On D, the KEY to the game is stopping Charles. I am not sure how they run block, but if I am them, I am using the cut back run A LOT. If the Steelers stop that, they win.

Anonymous said...

They haven't completed a TD pass to a WR all year. I hate going against a streak like that. They are way overdue. I guess I'm living in my fears.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I know KC is not your beat, but I can't figure out why Alex Smith is not a downfield QB. When I was at the Fiesta Bowl to watch him pick apart Pitt's defense, trust me, he threw downfield.

Is it his WR corps, or him?