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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Steelers-Bengals game day thread

Greetings from Heinz Field.

It's a chilly night here but not too windy.

Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor are among the Steelers inactives, meaning Will Allen will start again at strong safety.

For Cincinnati, Terence Newman is inactive. Dre Kirkpatrick will start in his place.

The winner will get the No. 3 seed and host Baltimore. The loser goes to Indianapolis to face the Colts.


Anonymous said...

Gresham blatantly holding Timmons on last two runs!

adamg said...

Don't like those empty sets inside the 10. It makes the offense one dimensional and easy to defend. They had nearly a minute and 2 TOs. Why not put in Bell and run, or at least have the run/catch threat out of the backfield, at least once?

Anonymous said...

Hochuli's crew is butchering this game.

adamg said...

Kind of a cheap holding call on Foster, but imo Pgh has gotten the better of the calls.

OTOH, it looks like Cincy planned for AB, but not AB2. That strip and recovery reminded me of Carnell Lake chasing down Pickens and punching the ball out of his hand.

adamg said...

Tomlin just said Bell has a hyperextended knee. With the game Sat, I'll be surprised if he can go.

Tomlin got pretty animated with Nelson after the game, too.

Anonymous said...

Collinsworth commented if it was just hyperextended that bell had good chance to play next week.

Anonymous Brian said...

Kudos for a great run - and coaching - to win the division.

I was a near-total doubter after the second Cleveland game. And then again after the New Orleans game (actually, at that point, I figured they might be able to sneak in at 9-7 if things broke right).

Brad Wing throws like I do when I'm imitating the Garo Yapremian (sp?) throw. If it had been fourth-and-four, the idea wouldn't have been completely insane.

adamg said...

marc, I don't know, it's a short week with the game on Sat. I doubt Bell plays, but I think they'll be ok with Harris and Johnson. Not sure what they'll do with Archer, but he was open in the flat when he was in.

Anonymous said...

i was not a fan of the fake punt. field position, score and time left in the game all pointed to making the bengals drive the field for a FG to tie or TD to win. but, maybe that's why they tried it at that point. either way, blake made a great play.

I think bell will end up playing. maybe not a full workload, but he'll be out there.

adamg said...

Tomlin said he called the fake punt because the defense had been on the field more than he wanted.