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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Steelers think they can stop Jones

When the Steelers signed Brice McCain as a free agent in the offseason, few thought much of the move.

But McCain has played pretty well for the team this season.

He also has quite a bit of swagger.

The Steelers go into Sunday's game at Atlanta needing a victory.

Here's what McCain and others had to say about stopping Atlanta wide receiver Julio Jones:


DD said...

I thought the Cardinals would get killed last night. Short week, QB2 then 3. But they won. Granted, it was due mostly to a stifling D, which we all know the Steelers are the complete opposite of. But my point is there is no predicting the NFL. We all think we need to score 40+ to have a shot. And the odds are we will. But watch it be like a 24-17 game. Containing Jones is the key. Not stopping him. But they better not forget about White or that other dude, Douglas I think is his name. Matty ice can carve up any team if he is on. D line will win or lose this game, not the corners. Get push into Ryan all day and we win!

Anonymous said...

Ben can carve up a team pretty good also, along with Bell..

I think you rush 3-4 and try to make them run on us, if that fails then you send the house..

I would like to see mini mouse (Dri) get a helmet in this one, see what the kid can do on the turf..


Anonymous said...

Ryan struggled with the pressure last week. He made some pretty good throws when he had time. Of course, Julio jones catching everything you throw to him helps too.

I just don't thiink the steelers secondary is good enough to cover anyone consistently. If they don't pressure Ryan, the Falcons willow the ball. Without jones though, I don't think they can keep up with the steelers. Of course, that's assuming "good Ben" plays. Steelers should win this game by 10.

Anonymous said...

*the Falcons will move the ball.