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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wednesday news, notes

The big news today was a story that wasn't a story. Once again, a "national" writer, this time from Bleacher Report, reported a Ben Roethlisberger story that didn't ring true.

The writer said on a podcast that Roethlisberger suffered a fractured hamate bone in his right wrist but that the injury isn't expected to sideline the Steelers quarterback.

I, along with some other writers, requested to speak with head coach Mike Tomlin about the issue after practice today - in which Roethlisberger did not partake.

Tomlin refused to comment on the report, saying that he wasn't going to comment on every little thing that hits the internet.

Then, as we walked back from the team's indoor practice facility, he pretty much let it be known that there was no truth to the report.

Roethlisberger also denied there was anything wrong.

Some might make a big  deal out of the fact he didn't practice Wednesday but the Steelers often give him some Wednesdays off during the regular season. And he did throw lightly with the receivers and running backs following the practice as he often does on Wednesday throughout the season.

This report is much akin to the Roethlisberger might be traded rumors from last season. The writers throw some stuff against the wall using words like "might" and, in this case, Roethlisberger is injured, but it won't sideline him.

The Steelers disagree. And as one person in the organization put it, if he was, in fact, suffering from a broken bone in his wrist, the team would have to put him on the injury report with a wrist injury or be subject to a fine from the NFL if it comes out later.

@ Steve McLendon was a surprise participant in practice today and said that he took a strength test earlier in the day and has been cleared to play.

That's good news for the Steelers, who are better at stopping the run when McClendon plays.

@ Stephon Tuitt said today that he expects to start at defensive end against the Bengals. Perhaps the fact that McLendon might be available could change that, but the fact remains Tuitt is going to be playing a lot more. And that's a good thing for now and for the future.

@ Jarvis Jones is expected to be activated this week. His role has yet to be determined. At the very least, getting him and Ryan Shazier back should be a boost to the special teams units.


ibygeorge said...

Believing that Rothlisberger's poor performance was a result of him having a bad day is just like your doctor telling you your aches and pains from your weekend warrior activities are results of getting older. Bad days are precipitated by something. Do we need to know what, probably not.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Geathers is giving it 110% in practice, I've seen some clips of the guy and he has the build and now it sounds like he has the motor also.. So what's the knock on the guy?

I can't help but think of how many times 92 didn't make our or the ratbirds squad.. Once he did we were scratching our heads as to why?

I'm probably praying to death ears but I'm still praying that it might be the same case with Geathers, he needed time for everything to click.


John Kang said...

How times have changed, from the days when Ben would talk about breaking bones that weren't broken. The narrative has flipped :P

Anonymous said...

good news, haloti ngata suspended 4 games for ped use. he says it was Adderall. maybe that explains his non-stop motor!

Dale Lolley said...

If by 110 percent you mean taking on the entire offensive line in a fight, then, yes.

Unknown said...

What was the nature of him taking in the O line? Is he a hot head, playing dirty or trash talking? And yes there is a difference between all of these examples.

Anonymous said...

Ben has been shaking his hand when he has had a poor performance for years now...