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Monday, December 22, 2014

Rare Monday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin held his weekly press conference on Monday this week because of Christmas. Obviously, with so little time between Sunday's game and the Monday press conference, there wasn't a lot of news.

Kelvin Beachum is dealing with a lower back injury and Vince Williams has an ankle injury, but Tomlin doesn't expect either to miss Sunday night's game against Cincinnati.

Tomlin said the team will take a wait-and-see approach with Troy Polamalu, Ike Taylor and Matt Spaeth.

I don't expect any of those three to play. Polamalu is dealing with a muscle pull of some type in his leg, which could use another week of rest, while Taylor is unlikely to play again this season unless the Steelers have some injuries at cornerback. And Spaeth's elbow hyperextension has robbed him of some strength in that arm, something that could use another week of rest.

@ Tomlin said he has not given any thought to calling New York for clarification regarding the William Gay taunting penalty and nor will he do so.

The Steelers do not think Gay did anything wrong and thus don't feel they need an explanation.

@ Tomlin's best line of the press conference came when asked about James Harrison and if he looked like James Harrison circa 2008: "You guys have to remember the mid-2000s (and) the type of animal that he was. I’ll take the guy that played yesterday. James plays with a great deal of emotion and desire. He’s got great football character. Obviously he’s got a lot of talent. But he’s got 36-37 year old talent as opposed to late 20-year old talent like he used to have and there’s a difference."


Henry said...

Dale, when you say "rest of the season" regarding Ike, do you mean playoffs too? Surely if he's healthy enough to go, they'll find a way to use him in the post season.

Noel said...

Vince Williams is really winning me over. Every play you don't have to squint at your screen to figure out where he or Timmons are. They're chasing plays down and always in the thick of the action. Spence and Shazier both get lost in the shuffle quite often. They'll both get better but with big games looming I feel much better with Williams on the field.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't see them bringing Ike back at this point at all - unless they have an injury.

mv7267 said...

The fact that both of the highest paid CBs(Allen & Taylor) on the roster won't help this team advance in the playoffs, hopefully opens some eyes to address the secondary early in the draft.

Snarky said...

I recall a certain writer opposing signing deebo because he did not play special teams. Who was that?

Anonymous said...

if ike is not even stepping on the field, then why not IR him and give the roster spot to someone else?

Anonymous said...

Probably because our depth CB is weak and they need him for insurance. He isn't good anymore but he's better than a guy of the street.