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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FA Day 2 news and notes

The Steelers officially lost their first free agent to another team on Wednesday when cornerback Brice McCain signed a two-year deal with Miami.

McCain, whom the Steelers had made an offer to keep, will get $5.5 million over two seasons, $3 million of which is guaranteed. He made $815,000 with the Steelers last season.

McCain had a good season for the Steelers in 2014 after being signed following his release by Houston and the Steelers would have liked to have had him back.

But they weren't going to overpay to do so and will now turn their attention elsewhere.

@ Veteran free agent running back DeAngelo Williams will visit the Steelers on Friday. The 31-year-old could be a nice fit as the backup to Le'Veon Bell.

Injuries limited Williams to six games in 2014, but he missed just one game in the three seasons prior to that.

Williams, by the way, played for current Steelers quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner at Memphis.

The Steelers need a capable backup to Bell, who is expected to be suspended for the first two games of the 2015 regular season after a DUI stop last August.

@ The Steelers cleared some additional cap space by officially restructuring the deal of center Maurkice Pouncey.

The restructure lowers Pouncey's cap hit in 2015 from $8.1 million to $4.3, saving $3.8 million this season.

The Steelers now have $7.5 million in cap space.

@ Jason Worilds informed the Steelers Tuesday afternoon of his decision to retire.

Worilds is a devout Jehovah's Witness and reportedly wants to dedicate more time to the church.

@ The agent for free agent linebacker James Harrison told the Nashville Tennesseean that his client will play for the Titans, Steelers or nobody else in 2015, not that we didn't already assume that was the case.


Anonymous said...

Feels like the Al Woods deal last year. Good, improving player that could have been kept at a modest price.

Meanwhile Cortez Allen makes over 5 mm per year.

Patrick Staub said...

Yeah backwards movement.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone forgets that Cortez Allen played well for a few seasons before last year's debacle. I'm seeing the glass half full on him. His confidence was really shaken because of all the penalties being called in preseason and early in the year. Secondly, he gave up some big plays, but most of the time he was in position to make the play, but didn't get his head around in time to see the ball. This is curable and I'll bet that he has spent the off season watching tape and working on his craft. He's always been a hard worker and good teammate. The Steelers have kept him for a reason, and I believe he will play up to his potential again. He's never going to be a shutdown, number one corner, but I think he could be a very good number 2. Remember how he did against Rob Gronkowski a few years ago, and hope that guy comes back to Latrobe this summer.

Henry said...

Why hasn't Fat Boy, Can Thomas, been cut yet?

Anonymous said...

"Cortez Allen played well for a few seasons"

He was ok as the nickel back in 2012 and finished strong forcing turnovers in the final games. Almost didn't play in 2011 (the Patriots game being an exception as LeBeau used the dime - a rarity that year). He was benched in 2013 and 2014. His tackling has been lackluster and his ball skills have diminished.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the Steelers make an offer to Greg hardy as a pass rusher for one season? They went after Mike Mitchell, and now deangelo Williams... so they obviously like players from the Panthers... and his off the field issues will limit teams interested in him, so the price might be right... if we had, JJ, MOATS, HARDY, HARRISON, hojo, and lemon, FOR ONE YEAR, we could go after cb, or olb first round... maybe even land on Collins? Is this a horrible idea?

Anonymous said...

^ yes. Terrible idea.

Joe Jones said...

Agreed. Especially with Michael Johnson recently hitting the market.

Seriously.. Fuck Greg Hardy. I hope someone throws him down a well and doesn't tell anyone.

marc said...

Too bad sheard signed with the pats. Only a two year deal.

Joe Jones said...

Jabaal Sheard to Pats.

Orakpo anyone?

Joe Jones said...

He was bad for us, yet solid for the dolphins.
I'm certainly not a fan, but I could see why they may give him another year.

Joe Jones said...


marc said...

We're the steelers even interested ib sheard?

Dale Lolley said...

Al Woods did nothing last year.

No to Hardy.

Sheard didn't get past the first stage of free agency.

Still plenty of time to go.

drinkyourmilkshake said...

He never played for the Dolphins. He spent his career with the chargers and was never "solid". He was benched the year before he arrived in Pittsburgh. Having said that... The reason he isn't cut is a severe lack of depth at that position.

drinkyourmilkshake said...

He was not "benched" in 2013. His play late in 2013 was the basis for his contract. His ball skills have diminished? He is a 26 year old who played football at the Citadel... He is still learning how to play the game.

marc said...

It was only a 2 year $11 mill deal. You would think if the steelers were interested sheard at least would have had a visit.

BlackNGold said...

Hey Dale, just heard a report that said the Steelers have contacted the agent of Patrick Robinson and they are trying to schedule a visit. Have you heard the same?Black

Dale Lolley said...

That is what I'm hearing as well on Robinson.

Joe Jones said...

It would be a typical low-hype steelers pickup, who "gets the job done."

What do you say we sign Ryan Succop and then trade him to Canada?

Joe Jones said...

Can we all take a second to laugh at Darelle Revis...

He said his heart brought him back to the Jets.

Wouldn't his "heart" have led him to the Steelers?

Not a single coach is the same on the Jets, as when he was first there. I'd like to estimate that close to 90% of the roster is different too.

Anonymous said...

Saints about to sign Brandon Browner. Chances they trade or release Keenan for sure now?

make it happen steelers

Papajuju said...

"Saints about to sign Brandon Browner. Chances they trade or release Keenan for sure now?"

No. Keenan will be a Saint. What it means they are not re-signing Patrick Robinson. Robinson will be an upgrade over Mcain.

Get'm signed.

Joe Jones said...

Then who the freak am I thinking of lol

Joe Jones said...

T-Rich release by Colts.

He might be able to find a better fit as far as role,
but what I'd like to debate is if Richardson would not be the best option for us.

T-Rich has a LOT less miles on him than almost any of the options out there right now.

I'm assuming McFadden is a lock to go to the Cowboys now.

Not so sure that DeAngelo Williams, at this point in his career, would be less embarrassing than Felix Jones was for us.

It would be the opposite of bitter-sweet (whatever that is, deliciously-bad? Like aged cheese?) for Richardson to refind his glory on the Steelers, whom in the eyes' of Browns fans, Steelers always win out and Browns always lose out. Just pile it on.

Eric T said...

T-Rich is terrible. There is a reason two teams have already dumped him in his short career.

Joe Jones said...

Was he terrible for the Browns though?

Anonymous said...

Richardson has serious attitude problems. The best things that could happen to that guy is for him to be out of work for a while.

Fat and lazy. He and Woodley would make a good team.

Joe Jones said...

Orakpo to Titans.

Now that is completely annoying.

Any other team and it's whatever. But seeing a guy we could really use go to a similar defensive system is just plain annoying.

Henigin said...

Deangelo Williams had some pretty bad advanced stats accordance my to the metrics sites last year, and has been steadily declining over the past 3-4 years. Pierre Thomas, on the other hand, is more versatile, younger, and has fewer miles on him. I'm hoping the Steelers give him a look

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Orakpo sign with titans, so no room for James there. Come on down SIlverback! He, a high draft pick, Jones and Moats seems ok with me. Not the best case scenario but no sense in paying 25+million to talents like those two who are average and injury prone respectively.

Anonymous said...

I'd also prefer Pierre Thomas over Williams for backup RB.

Anonymous said...

Ben apparently signed an extension.

Stuck in Philly and sick of Eagle talk Jim

Joe Jones said...

Def wouldn't mind PT. Wasn't aware he was free.

D-Will is pretty far down on my list of RB's.

T-Rich had a hard time adjusting to the Colts system.
With a more run-heavy line, I think Trent could go back to being a solid contributor.

His attitude isn't great, but we are talking about football players. Most of them are egomaniacs.

Joe Jones said...

I think PT is the best talent-wise of the cheap RB's,
But idk about his health.
Can he really make it to the playoffs without any injuries?

Pierre was never a heavy usage back, yet still always seemed to find his way to the team trainers office.

I like T-Rich or a mid-round draft choice. Gotta go as young as possible at RB.