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Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 2 of free agency begins

The Steelers had what they felt was a productive first week of free agency, re-signing Arthur Moats and Matt Spaeth, signing Ben Roethlisberger to an extension and adding running back DeAngelo Williams as a free agent.

This week, they began looking at free agent cornerbacks.

Patrick Robinson, a former first-round pick of the Saints, visited the team Monday, and former Dallas corner Sterling Moore will meet with the team on Tuesday.

Robinson was on my Steelers' FA watch list. He fits they MO as a former first-round guy heading into his second contract.

Things never quite worked out real well in New Orleans - it's hard to live up to being a first-round pick if you just become an average starter - but he does one thing most Steelers corners don't, catch the ball.

In the past four seasons, Robinson has nine interceptions  despite missing all but two games in 2013 - and that is what the Steelers are looking for in their corners.

Moore, on the other hand, doesn't have as much experience and is mainly a slot guy. He also has just three career interceptions.

Both have other visits set up.

@ Many have questioned why the Steelers haven't dove into the free agent edge rusher pond yet. But looking at some of the deals being handed out - seven to eight-million per year for average players - it's not that surprising.

With Tennessee having signed two of those edge rushers, they now have no room for James Harrison, who is on record saying he will play for the Steelers, Titans or no one else.

The Steelers will keep Harrison in the loop much as they did Brett Keisel last year. They expect to draft an edge rusher next month and still could sign somebody who gets cut free once the post-draft wave or releases happen.

But Harrison is the fallback option.

@ According to TMZ, corner Antwon Blake was arrested for public intoxication in California. Blake was apparently walking around drunk and spent the night in jail.

This isn't a big deal. He wasn't driving. He apparently wasn't doing anything all that wrong. In fact, it's kind of a silly law.


Anonymous said...

It is a pretty minor thing... hopefully the Steelers don't overreact.

marc said...

Been there, done that - minus the night in jail.

I wouldn't mind if they overpaid a bit for Robinson. I think they really need him.

Zeke R said...

Is the 99 mil contract a shout out to diesel? Just seemed like an odd amount.

Anonymous said...

yeah hopefully the steelers dont overeact. And hopefuly Blake signed his tender already. Two CB visits this week, coupled with his incident they could sign both and rescind his tender. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened

Patrick said...

pretty sure that if he signed it, they can't rescind it.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. So hopefully he signed it already!

Dale Lolley said...

That brought it in just under Aaron Rodgers' deal. Had they gone to $100 million, it would have matched Rodgers.

I doubt this rises to a releasable offense for Blake. Sounds like he was well behaved while spending the night in the hooskow.

Pistol said...

That has to be one of the dumbest laws in force right now. He wasn't driving or starting fights etc. I would bet we all have prob been drunk in public before lol.

I just remember all of the teams that DONT make big splashes in FA and where they end up. Steelers Pats Packers have sustained excellence and none are usually big spenders.

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Is Zumwalt still with the team? If so are there any expdctations forma him?

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Expectations for him?

Joe Jones said...

Dale what are your thoughts on the D-line?

Are Tuitt & McCullers ready for increased roles?

Are there any financial reasons for not cutting Cam loose?

What are your thoughts on BJ Raji? Seems like he could be had pretty cheap right now. Would he be enough to force McClendon to the outside in a rotation with Tuitt?

Anonymous said...

Zeke R -

The 99 million came from Colbert and Khan's brilliant negotiation skills. They told Ben's agent they would sign him for anything under 100 million cuz thats the steelers way

Dale Lolley said...

Raji is overrated. Always has been. He's a bum.

Considering Tuitt started down the stretch, I'd say he's ready, McCullers gives them a capable backup at this point.

As for why they haven't cut Thomas, they have no DE depth.

Zumwalt is on the team. But he's facing a numbers issue at inside linebacker. I'd try to trade one of them - Williams probably being the most attractive - but he's not going to get much in return.

marc said...

For those who know more than me, is zumwalt capable of making the transition to OLB?