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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leftwich signs, but what does it mean?

The Steelers signed Byron Leftwich and have led him to believe he has a chance to beat out Charlie Batch for the No. 2 job in Pittsburgh behind Ben Roethlisberger.

Maybe Leftwich was buying it, but I'm not.

Batch is a Pittsburgh guy who's very involved in the community, something that's very important to the Rooneys. He's also very popular with his teammates - perhaps more so than Roethlisberger.

And if rookie Dennis Dixon continues to show that he can be an eventual replacement for Batch, there won't be any room on the roster for Leftwich.

So long as Batch is only going to be out four to six weeks, I don't look for Leftwich to be around all that long.


Ben said...

Do you think it's possible that Batch wont be resigned after this year? He is getting up there, after all. As much as I love Charlie -- he's a great guy -- I like the idea of having Leftwich as a backup, especially at only 28 years old.

Ben said...

Also, and sorry for the double-post, but how did Casey look in practice today? I gotta say, he looks like he's in a bit better shape.

Anonymous said...

Who is the better football player? -- In my opinion Lefwich is.
But I don't think he will be willing to stay long after this year, He wants to start some where.
To me neither Batch or Lefwich are the long term solution for number two.
Dixon? I am not sure.
What do you think?

Robbie said...

Why can't Batch still be involved in the community even if he's no longer with the Steelers?

Charlie played well when called upon in 2005 and 2006, but he looked bad in 2007 and bad (and fragile!) against the Eagles. Maybe Leftwich is the better option at this point?

Patrick said...

Honestly, as long as Ben doesn't get nicked, this convo is pointless.

Leftwich will be our backup till Batch is 100%. But as I understand it, a broken collarbone,especially for a QB, is no small injury. Don't be surprised if Leftwich is on our roster the whole season.

That being said, if Culpepper wasn't so high on himself, he'd be our back up. I also think this is the perfect situation for Dixon to learn. I honestly hope Dixon gets as many reps as Leftwich to show he can be number # 2

adamg said...

Agree with the comments about Batch's health. He's been injury-prone his entire career and will be 34 and a UFA next year. I could see Batch retiring and Leftwich being the back up for a year or so until Dixon is ready.

Anonymous said...


Leftwich is a talent upgrade over Batch in my honest opinion. So, I believe it would nt hurt keeping him the whole year just in case we make a run. I also like the Mitch Berger signing. Have you heard anything new on Mr. Polamalu?


Anonymous said...

Why not keep BOTH and put Dixon on the P.S. and then snip snip snip Potts?

Anonymous said...

Ideally, that would be just fine. However, I'm sure there is concern about losing Dixon off the PS to another team that may claim him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I see the committment to Batch as much as Dave does. This is a business and Batch's skills are degrading. He's not going to be the backup forever, no matter how much he's done in the community.

I was against the Dixon pick from the start and I'm even more against it after seeing his horrible mechanics on the field. He's no different to me than Martin, St. Pierre or Jacobs. Don't waste energy on him and don't let him dictate your decision. I don't think he has that much of a future in the NFL.