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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random stuff that may interest only me

I just finished up doing a radio show with Bill Hillgrove at Sharky's here in Latrobe and it reminded me of what a consummate pro Billy is.

He just makes it so easy.

© The morning practice was pretty blah. The veterans were given the morning off after last night's practice.

But that did give me a chance to get a good look at young quarterbacks Dennis Dixon and Mike Potts.

It wasn't pretty.

Dixon delivers the ball like he's throwing a dart and is pretty inaccurate - though his athleticism is apparent.

Potts is more accurate, but doesn't have an NFL-caliber arm.

© That did afford some interception opportunities and Anthony Madison, Travis Williams and Ryan Mundy obliged.

I watched Mundy closely this morning and the sixth-round pick appears to be thinking too much out there rather than just reacting.

He's always a step slow to the play and it appears to be because he's trying to think about where he's supposed to be instead of just doing it.

On his interception - against Potts - he jumped a route down the middle and took a ball away from tight end Jon Dekker to end practice.

Mundy has the best size of any safety on this team. If he can put it together - not likely this season - he could be a player.

© Doug Legursky, a guard-center from Marshall, is back with the club, which released rookie placekicker Julian Rauch.

That tells me that Chris Kemoeatu isn't as close to a return as I thought and that the team is concerned with the back injury that kept center Sean Mahan out of practice Friday night.

Mahan, however, returned to practice this morning.

© Justin Hartwig looked pretty good at center in place of Mahan Friday night. Maybe that's why Mahan hurried back.


Craig said...

I'm still concerned about the depth at free safety, as neither Carter nor Smith is suited for that role. Who do you think among the DBs can step up to that role, if needed? I gather you don't think Mundy is ready, but I didn't think Grant Mason was either.

Iron City said...

Dale, good stuff. Have you had a chance to see much of William Gay yet? Last year, he seemed to play much better than his late-round draft slot would have indicated. With McFadden becoming a FA next year and Townsend's age, any chance that the coaching staff sees Gay as a potential starter in the future?

Anonymous said...


Dale Lolley said...

I don't think Gay is starter material, but he is a bright kid. Could turn into a Deshea Townsend type of player. And I mean that as a compliment.
I think Mundy will be fine once he stops thinking too much.