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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Roethlisberger is fine

The e-mails were pouring in today. How's Ben Roethlisberger's groin?


The Steelers quarterback apparently tweaked his groin at the end of Friday night's practice. He and the rest of the team's veterans sat out Saturday morning's practice, but Roethlisberger was back out on the field in the afternoon.

He didn't do any of the team portion of practice, but he did work in individual and seven-on-seven drills. It's no big deal.

LaMarr Woodley sat out today with a sore groin, but it gave the team a chance to work Lawrence Timmons at outside linebacker. It appears Timmons is going to be the team's fifth linebacker, kind of like being the sixth man in basketball.

James Farrior served in a similar capacity with the Jets early in his career. That worked out OK for him, though not so much for the Jets.


Ben said...

Is Timmons going to function as a backup, or will we see him starting? It'd be hard to believe that he wont be starting in place of Foote this fall.

Patrick said...

i think the 5th Linebacker idea is great. Unless the steelers re sign Farrior to a friendly deal, Timmons can continue to contribute and also learn and then step in next year without replacing Foote this year. You can say what you want about Foote but he is a solid player and should be a starter. Timmons will also play passing downs which will keep guys fresh, especially when a 3rd down is converted.

Dale, do you think Farrior will be resigned before the start of the season? What are you hearing?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. So will Timmons start eventually?

Mike Tomczak said...

I think Woodley would start over Timmons. Just my opinion.

Craig said...

It's not really a question of whether Woodley or Timmons will start, since they're not competing.

Timmons or Foote is the matter at hand.

Yinzer said...

How are the white players doing? I really hope Bloom can beat out Drummond as KR, and that Latsko can beat out Davis at FB. But then again, you can never have too many fullbacks on the roster.

Any chance they release Foote to make room for Humpal? I think we should cut Carter and sign John Lynch to be the backup SS.

Why doesn't idiot Bruce Arians throw to the tight ends more? I wish Grimm was our coach.

I knew we should have drafted Posluszny instead of Timmons last year! Why did they waste a fifth round pick on Dixon this year when they could have had Owen Schmitt?

Dale Lolley said...

I think Foote will continue to start. He's a two-down player, anyway. Timmons will play on passing downs with the eye toward replacing Farrior in that role next season.
I think they'll entertain the idea of re-signing Farrior, but they're in no hurry to do so.