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Friday, August 29, 2008

Those who shined; those who didn't

Thursday night's preseason finale was a number of players' final chance at earning a roster spot with the Steelers. Here's who stood out or, at the very least, earned a roster spot:

© Andre Frazier is probably the big winner. With Arnold Harrison going down with what appears to be a serious knee injury, Frazier probably gets a roster spot where one was not available before.

Patrick Bailey made a couple of nice special teams tackles, but hasn't shown enough consistency doing that to merit a spot.

Donovan Woods also looked good – and has flashed at times, at least more so than Bailey – but he's an inside linebacker.

With Bruce Davis not ready to contribute, right now, the only backup outside linebacker ready to play other than Frazier is Lawrence Timmons. And he may be starting inside in place of an injured Larry Foote.

© Mitch Berger wins the punter's job just by letting Paul Ernster kick a few more times.

Berger's not going to set the world on fire, but he's also not going to kick the ball 22 yards.

© Willie Reid wins the fifth - make that fourth - receiver spot because of Limas Sweed's inconsistency.

Sweed will make the roster, but he isn't ready to contribute.

That means the Steelers need a receiver who is ready to make a contribution now rather than later. Reid has the experience factor at receiver over Dallas Baker. Eddie Drummond, meanwhile, did not show enough as a return man to earn a spot on this roster.

Drummond was bitching about not get enough opportunities after the game. Seems he knows his days are numbered as well.

© Charlie Batch will probably be played on the PUP list, giving the Steelers some more time to make a decision about what to do with their quarterback situation.


Anonymous said...

Oh gee what insight....Sweed will make the roster! Eight catches in preseason I should certainly friggin' hope so.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post Dale, I couldn't catch the game so your thoughts on those who might make the team are greatly appreciated. I'm glad to see Reid getting more opportunities as a receiver.

To the above poster: if you have nothing valuable to add to the conversation why waste everyone's time?

deljzc said...

Ed Bouchette today in his Q&A says Batch isn't eligible for the PUP list. Something about his practicing in preseason before his injury. Ed's been wrong before ("hide the pen" from Starks), but just wanted you to know that's out there.

adamg said...

Dale, Bouchette's comment is consistent with what I've read elsewhere. A player has to be placed on the PUP prior to practicing. The player can stay on it for as long as the team wishes, but if he's there at the start of the season then he's out a minimum of 6 weeks. The only options seem to be putting Batch on IR or reaching a waived injured settlement and then making a decision about bringing him back when he's healthy. Given the good relationship between Batch and the Steelers, I think they'll come to an agreement that removes Batch from the roster for the time being but does not remove him from their future plans.

I agree about Ernster. Did you see Tomlin's face after the second shank? Not a happy camper face!

Dale Lolley said...

I said Sweed's a given, thanks for reading.
He's had eight catches, but if you were a regular reader of this blog, you'd know he's struggling. He's not ready to contribute as they would have hoped.
He's a given, but he's not No. 4, he's No. 5.

As for Batch, I thought they could still PUP him and have him out for six weeks, but you're right, since he was hurt in a game, they can't.
They can come waive him injured - which means coming to a settlement with him.
They won't keep four QBs.