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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rule changes and points of emphasis video

Just wanted to share something the league sent me today. This should help explain some rule changes and points of emphasis. This is the same video shown to the players at training camp.


kyle said...

Do you think the chop block rule will have a big effect on the Texans? I've read that they've been practicing it almost exclusively and their coaching staff are proponents of it.

Dale Lolley said...

It could. It's that Denver Broncos thing. But that's always a point of emphasis in these things every year. They want to drive home the point to the players.

The big one is the force-out rule.

Brian said...

Excellent link Dale. Thank you.

I hadn't heard the part about "carrying the WR out of bounds" still being a completed catch. IMO that's what the Force Out rule should have been in the first place. It should only have been called when it was absolutely certain that a player would have landed in bounds. The "could have" thing is what opened the can of worms. Couldn't be happier that they changed this.

James said...

Do you think that part of the WR face mask thing has to do with players complaining about our own Hines Ward? I've noticed he's done more than his share of facemasking. Another question about the force out rule. The two different examples they give seem the same to me, do you know what the difference is?

Anonymous said...


If you could take a guess? Who's gonna end up with the most carries on Friday?


Hey Yinzer...

I bet you miss the days of Weegie Thompson!!!

Dale Lolley said...

Mendenhall will get the most Sasquatch. I look for him to geet 10 to 15.

That facemask rule for offense is something Ward has done over the years, but so do Larry Johnson and LaDanian Tomlinson.

The forceout rule will go into effect only if the receiver clearly would have gotten both feet down - if he catches the ball five yards inside the line and is carried out. Otherwise, he better get both feet down on the sideline.