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Monday, February 09, 2009

A couple of interesting notes

In Peter King's Monday Morning QB, he breaks down the Steelers' game-winning drive in the Super Bowl and also dropped a couple of nuggets of information.

The first was Ben Roethlisberger said that he played with two cracked ribs in the Super Bowl.

My first inclination on that - having dealt with Roethlisberger throughout his pro career – is I'm not buying it until I get confirmation from somebody other than Roethlisberger.

Remember the broken toes? Remember the 103-degree fever.

Ben's something of a drama queen when it comes to injuries. I don't know why that is, but he's always one to play up injuries as worse than they are.

According to King per Roethlisberger, X-rays taken the week leading up to the game - something everyone denied - didn't show the fractures. They were revealed in an MRI in Pittsburgh last week.

© King also said the blood treatment used on Hines Ward, where concentrated levels of his own blood were injected into his injured right knee, was also done earlier in the season on Troy Polamalu's injured calf.

© If there is one beef I have with Mike Tomlin it is that he's not always forthcoming with injury information.

Bill Cowher would open his Tuesday press conferences by giving the entire laundry list. He had nothing to hide when it came to injuries.

But Tomlin has a little of Bill Belechick in him when it comes to injuries. Sometimes he won't mention an injured player unless you specifically ask him about that player.

Sometimes, he'll make it sound like it was an oversight on his part. But Tomlin's too smart to miss anything. If he doesn't mention an injury, there's a purpose behind it.

The entire NFL is turning into the NHL when it comes to injuries thanks to Belechick and former Denver head coach Mike Shanahan.

Either everybody should report all of their injuries or nobody should report any of them.

© After some checking over the weekend, I've determined that the Cardinals did not inquire about the services of Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler. My source in Arizona was mistaken.


Anonymous said...

Ohh that's just Ben being Ben. Everyone has their own little quirks. It's a little bit over the top with him, But I will learn to live with it. Drama along with him wanting to scramble to make something happen, seem to tie together somehow. Any word on Harrison and his $20 mil. in guarentee money. What about BMAC or Washington? I hope we can hold on to Washington for a couple more years. Sweed will be prime by his third year.

Dale Lolley said...

Nothing yet Zeke.

Viz-Burgh said...

A report on a blog at the Cardinals site is saying that the Cards did receive permission to speak to Butler for the vacant DC position:

So who knows what's actually going on? All I know is I hope we don't lose Butler. He's been a heck of a coach for quite some time for the Steelers.

Dale, any rumblings or interest in talking to Leigh Bodden who was released by the Lions today? If we can't re-sign BMac and/or if they think Townsend is getting up in age Bodden would be a great guy to bring home IMO. Probably will demand more than we'd offer (financially and in terms of playing time), but I'd like to see him brought in.

Dale Lolley said...

Their first preference would be to re-sign McFadden. Bodden could be a fallback option if that doesn't happen.
But they like Gay as well. He played well this season. If they don't add anyone in free agency, they could use a high draft pick on a corner.