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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What comes around

At the post-Super Bowl party the Steelers threw, I was talking to Dick LeBeau and mentioned to him how crazy the final five or so minutes of that game were.

"You lost one like that, right?" I asked, recalling he was on Cincinnati's staff when Joe Montana hit John Taylor with 34 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XXIII to beat the Bengals, 20-16.

"Yeah, and just like that play, where my guy just missed the pass by a couple of inches, we had the same thing tonight," LeBeau replied, his ever-constant smile on his face.

"That's the way the game goes."

Apparently, I wasn't the only one to make that connection.

The San Francisco Examiner's Tim Liotta compares the two endings in a Feb. 8 column.

© As expected, the Steelers don't have any plans to cut linebacker Larry Foote or ask him to take a paycut.

It's just not their way. Foote has been a steady starter on two Super Bowl teams. I know there's a lot of people out there in a hurry to replace him - and it will likely happen in 2009 - but he's a valuable backup to have around.

And his salary isn't outrageous.

The Steelers took a lot of heat for paying Max Starks $7 million in 2008. Look how that worked out.


Patrick said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Foote remain in the Base and Timmons keep his situational role. What is the rush? Foote is still steady and Timmons seems to be built for the role he has with the Steelers. He's also what, 22?

Having 5 very good LB's in a 3-4 system is ok with me.

Hack said...

I keep Foote if he wants to stay...but if he wants to move on....word is he wants to go to Detroit...I see if I can make it happen.

Dale Lolley said...

That Foote to Detroit stuff came from his buddies. Larry also likes to win. Why wouldn't he want to stay and take another shot at a Super Bowl?

Anonymous said...

good stuff Dale.

I never got why everyone is talking about trading/cutting Foote. Let him play out his contract.

Speaking of being a solid starter on 2 Super Bowl teams, how about Starks? I hope they re-sign him. I do not trust Marvel's health

Anonymous said...

Sir Lolley,

What in the blue hell did Mr. Holmes mean when he called the trophy "the sticky Lombardi?" The term "sticky" is used by pot smokers to describe the grade of their product. Any relation here? Was Snoop Doggy Dog smokin' pot at the after party? Let us know.

-Franco's Itailian Army

HACK said...

It was reported Tomlin started calling it sticky as soon as he came in. Farrior was heard in a clip saying get that thing even more sticky with all your fingerprints...I heard several players call it sticky...As for letting Foote play out his deal...I have no problem keeping him...but why let him just walk away in a year...if you can get something for him now?

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, that was a Tomlinism. I think he called it sticky because everybody wants to get their hands on it.

No, Snoop wasn't smoking, at least not that I saw. And Holmes stayed upstairs with his kids.

Starks will be one of their free agent priorities.

Patrick said...


You seem to be around the team enough to answer this. After Holmes' arrest this season, did he grow up some? It was evident in his on the field production.

and besides his "sticky" comment which seems to make sense now, he seems like he is becoming a lot more mature. I remember the day he was drafted, he looked like a kid (which he was). Not so much anymore.

I hope it continues, his playoff performance was incredible and I hope his off the field life is too.

Dale Lolley said...

He's coming along. Sometimes you have to look at a guy's age and where he comes from to really get a true sense of him.

adamg said...

On CSPAN right now, Rep Mike Doyle is speaking on behalf of HR 110 Congratulating the Pittsburgh Steelers on their Sixth NFL Championship. Too funny to hear one of the Congressman from Mass, a Patriots fan, having to bring the resolution to the floor. Rep Tom Rooney is the Republican co-sponsor, who made a very nice speech recognizing his family and the team.

Seriously, Holmes already has been on many of the morning TV talk shows both network and cable talking about this gloves which he's auctioning off to benefit the sickle cell foundation.

Joe said...

Holmes is great young kid, there are more than a few of us that aren't concerned about pot, hypocritical when you think of the powerful and deadly drugs that A-roid and others are taking as we worry about a little herb.

I'm glad Foote wants to stay, as mentioned, Timmons is only just 22 and great to have on the field with Larry in certain packages. As he gets more experience to go with incredible speed and talent the defense will be even harder to figure out.

Dale Lolley said...

As I've been saying, I think they keep Foote around. This team likes having quality veteran depth. His contract isn't outrageous and he can play both inside spots.