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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Steelers to sign CFL running back

According to, the Steelers will sign B.C. Lions running back Stefan Logan.

"When I tried out in January they said they wanted to sign me then, but we'd have to do it after the Super Bowl," Logan told TSN.

"They told me I had a good opportunity to make the team as a starting kick and punt returner and as a third down back," said the former South Dakota star.

The 27-year old Logan, was among the CFL leaders in rushing yards with 889 yards on just 122 carries. He also caught 52 passes for 477 yards and three touchdowns.

Finding a better option as a kick and punt returner will be a top priority for the Steelers this offseason.

Despite some strong punt returns by Santonio Holmes in the postseason, the return game struggled this season, ranking near the bottom of the league in both punt and kick returns.


Mizou said...

This doesn't seem to bode well for MeMo. He was already a situational punt returner, and the third down back. If Logan comes in and sticks, it basically makes Moore's position redundant, which is a shame since Moore played so well this season on 3rd downs and in spot duty.

I'm not too worried about Russel being off the kick return team; he already has the short yardage role locked down (heck, making a TD in the Super Bowl should raise his value at SYB). Or heck, maybe they'll put both Logan and Russel as kick returners, and take Davis off of that duty.

This could also be pointing to bad things for Parker. He missed much time this season,and MeMo filled in quite well. We also a 1st round draft pick waiting in the wings who looked very good in his limited time. Could the plan possibly be to release Parker (either now, or after his contract runs out next year), have Mendenhall be the starter, MeMo the backup,and Logan the 3rd down back? That would be one of the only options that makes sense to me with this abundance of running backs.

Anonymous said...

Moore played well last season and signed a cheap 3 year deal.

Steelers will be pretty set at running back next year with Parker, Mendenhall, Moore and Russell.

Hopefully they find a better fullback

kelly said...

I highly doubt Logan will be anything but a returner for us. IMO he's too small to be a 3rd down back. I'm pretty sure he's only 5-7 and about 180 lbs. Moore's job will be safe.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's any reading into a signing like this. They'll need 80 going into the offseason, and they're obviously way short of that right now.

What a deal like this makes me wonder is: who in the organization finds a guy like this in January during college bowl season and while their team is on a playoff run? Was his agent down at Mobile and put a bug in someone's ear?

deljzc said...

I agree. This is a non-story until we see him in pads with the big boys in July.

Just one of many borderline prospects we'll be bringing in this off-season to fight for bottom end spots on the roster.

Greg Mercer said...

Parker will get cut before Moore does. i was surprised to find out that Moore is younger than Parker. Not to mention more versatile.

I think Moore is Tomlin's version of Kevin Faulk and wll be with the team for a long time.

Anonymous said...

It's a non-issue. FWP isn't going anywhere. Our first priority is the o-line. We need to open some holes for our backs to run through. If we get that solved and that's a big IF. You'll see FWP run for 1300 yards.
1st priority = O-Line
2nd priority = Return man
3rd Priority = D Lineman
This all comes after sighning BMAC and the recking ball.

Dale Lolley said...

If this guy were to push anyone for a roster spot, it's Gary Russell. Remember, Mendenhall should be ready to handle short-yardage stuff next season.

alexrkirby said...

Moore didn't really have alot of success as a returner, this could be good competition.

Anonymous said...

They should trade parker to move up in the draft or something, which would also free up some cap space. Mendenhall-moore-russell have all shown enough to be that they can tote the rock.

Anonymous said... what i meant, not to be.

Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh... FWP didn't have a record breaking year and some of the people on here are ready to get a draft pick for him. Good thing the Steelers didn't listen when you were saying the same about the BUS. Just remember the o-line isn't the best, We lost two starters on that line, We were average, playing some of the top Defences in the NFL. Everyone gave us their best shot. Give Parker a healthy start and stand behind the man you once called the second coming of Christ.

Dale Lolley said...

They've already got nine picks this year. And Willie's trade value isn't exactly great coming off an injury plagued season. He's also signed for next season at a cheap price and as we saw this year, they needed all their running backs.
Willie's not getting traded.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. Did ward get his 34 yards he needed in the S.B.?

Anonymous said...

I think he got it on the first passing play. Didn't it go for 38 yards?

sherm said...

Dale, you said nine picks...where did the other two come from. Are you counting on compensatory picks for Faneca, Haggans etc. If yes do you know what round they are in.

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, I'm counting comps and no we won't know where they are for a while.
You can figure on a third or fourth for Faneca considering the contract he got and the fact he made the Pro Bowl.
They also added a seventh for Mahan.

And yes, Ward did get his yardage on his first catch.