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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Parade on Demand

Comcast will provide KDKA-TV’s coverage of Tuesday's Steelers Super Bowl Parade free to all digital subscribers through its On Demand service.

Immediately after KDKA-TV’s live coverage concludes, Comcast digital customers can select the “Your Town” folder on their On Demand menu and then select the “Sports” and “KDKA Steelers Parade” folders to view the celebration.

Comcast also provides its Sports Entertainment Package customers with a variety of Steelers content through the “Steelers 24/7” On Demand folder.

Comcast On Demand currently offers customers thousands of kids and family entertainment choices among the more than 10,000 programs available throughout the course of a month, including more than 1,000 choices in HD available at any time. 


adamg said...

Here's the fine print. If you are Comcast digital customer, but don't buy the entire basic and expanded basic digital package, you don't get On Demand. Comcast is worried you might a few expanded basic programs for "free" as On Demand choices.

TerribleFan_36 said...

Does anyone know where or when else we can see a replay of the parade?

I saw it live on KDKA online, but it would be awesome to record and save it on the DVR. I missed it when they showed it live on NFL network. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice little plug for comcast. Anything on Direct TV? You know the network that has the Sunday ticket for us on the West Coast to see our Steelers...

Dale Lolley said...

Direct TV hasn't sent me anything. I'm a Dish Network guy myself, so the Comcast deal doesn't do me any good, either.

Anonymous said...

That parade sure seemed like a huge waste of taxpayer money to me. How much overtime did Pittsurgh have to pay city and county police? That money could have and should have been put to better use.