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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday dreaming

I've got nothing against Jeff Saturday, who's a fine football player, nor Ralph Cindrich, an Avella native who's a very good agent.

But I just don't see the Steelers being interested in an offensive lineman who will turn 34 in June, at least not unless he's willing to come very cheap.

And if that was the case, Saturday would likely just re-sign with Indianapolis.

But hey, it made for a big story in another newspaper. It's just not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

no thanks on Saturday. he's too old and overpriced

it sounds like Steelers will lose Kemoeatu. I really hope they re-sign Essex and of course draft an interior lineman to compete

Joe said...


You have an update on James Harrison's extension...progress or lack there of? Thanks.

Dale Lolley said...

Nothing to report on Harrison, but there's no hurry. They can take that into training camp.

Anonymous said...

So we know the Steelers are going to lose Nate Washington, Bryant McFadden, Marvel Smith and probably Chris Kemoeatu to free agency...

So, what free agents do you think the Steelers might sign???

Guard Derrick Dockery just released from Buffalo is supposed to be good.

Wide Receiver - i think we definitely need to sign a decent vet. Devery Henderson maybe?

DE - Chris Canty, Igor Olshansky

CB - Bodden, Jabari Greer, Chris Carr, PacMan Jones (LOL, just kidding :)

Skinley said...

I doubt we sign any of those guys...we very rarely make a splash in free agency and this year is likely to remain on course as our cap situation isn't the best.

Anonymous said...

ummm last year we signed Mewelde Moore and Justin Hartwig

We have signed veteran receivers in the past also

I doubt we dont sign anybody, think about it. And our cap situation isn't the worst

adamg said...

I haven't heard anyone mention Keyaron Fox. He was a demon on special teams and showed he can play ILB, too. It would be too bad if the Steelers let him walk.

Plus, how will the rules for 2010 affect contracts for UFAs? Yes, it's not capped, but the cap cost accounting is much tighter, too, a lot like what the NHL has now.

Dale Lolley said...

I like Tennessee's Chris Carr or Bodden at CB. Carr doubles as a return man and has some starting experience.

They won't likely jump into the free agent market on the defensive line.

Stacy Andrews would be a nice fit on the offensive line, but his market may be big. Porkchop Womack from Seattle would be a cheaper option. I think they'll re-sign Essex to compete with whatever rookie they draft.

Anonymous said...

Kendall Simmons just cut. Suddenly a Saturday signing doesn't seem so far-fetched. They've got no long-term starting guards on the roster now, just Stapleton.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Saturday re-signed with the Colts. I was too sick of hearing all the fans and radio "experts" talking about signing him.

I doubt Saturday is better than Hartwig. Saturday fits the Colts offense nicely but he is really small

I also hate how everyone uses Hartwig sacks given up to criticize him. Most of those sacks were not because he was beaten 1 on 1, it was because of miscommunication with 2 sucky guards. BTW, in case you didnt know Kemoeatu is probably the dumbest person in the NFL (IQ im talking about)