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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Polamalu in knee brace

Strong safety Troy Polamalu was at the Steelers practice today, but was wearing a large knee brace and did not participate.

Head coach Mike Tomlin said Polamalu is "very questionable" to play this week against Kansas City. By the looks of things, Polamalu may be out even longer than that.

Considering the Steelers play in Baltimore in two weeks, that's not a good thing for Pittsburgh, which is 2-2 in games that Polamalu has missed.

© I keep hearing the stat that the Steelers haven't won this season without Polamalu. Paul Alexander said it following the Mike Tomlin press conference Tuesday. It was repeated on an ESPN 1250 radio show Wednesday afternoon as something that's a fact.

I'm sure they probably read it somewhere, even though it's false. Don't these people do any research of their own?

© Carey Davis and Travis Kirschke were back at practice on a limited basis today and look like they could be back against Kansas City.

© Mike Wallace was out today with an undisclosed illness.


adamg said...

Dale, do you know if Troy wore the same lightweight knee brace he had for the previous game or if he didn't wear one at all?

Anonymous said...

Wexell thinks Troy will be back for the Baltimore game.

Anonymous said...

Research ? like you do, when you wanted the steelers to sign Madison who was already signed by the colts weeks ago. Hack

Anonymous said...

I thought Holmes would be the one out with an illness (the drops)
Still don't know how he missed that T.D. pass. That would of been the turning point of the game IMO.

datruth4life said...

No need to rush Troy back. Even if he has to sit out the next 5 to 6 weeks. This guy is a franchise type of player, just like Ben. Don't put him back out there until he is ready and can play like he normally plays.

He's really the only playmaker we have in our secondary, so that is something that K. Colbert will need to concentrate on in next year's draft -- getting corners and safetys that can make plays on the ball and take it the other way. Priority no. 1 though, I think is still getting a stud OL. That needs to be improved until the running game is back to where it used to be, even though we are now a passing team.

marc said...

i don't think holmes picked up the ball until the last minute.

i agree on holding #43 out until he is clearly ready to play. neither k.c. nor the ravens are particularly dangerous with the pass. most of the raven's passing attack consists of ray rice out of the backfield. our LB's should win that matchup.

i'd like to see more mendy and moore together in the backfield. both can run, pass catch, pick up the blitz. it could really pose a dilemma for opposing defenses.

or we could go with an empty backfield on 3rd and 2...

jfeust said...

The o-line has been playing like champions. Both in pass and run. I would argue our running game is not struggling at all with mendenhall and this o-line. Mendy recently had 155 yards against a good Denver rush defense. The running game is only struggling because of the play calling.

I think we can stop throwing the o-line under the bus.

marc said...

they have definitely improved since the beginning of the year.

Patrick said...

I like Holmes (I have to say that or a certain someone will keep bringing it up until next season), but he has a problem occasionally on focusing - specifically he doesn't have his hands up anticipating a pass on certain plays. I think it is routes where he doesn't expect the ball and then doesn't position himself in the best way to catch it when he sees it. (and yes I remember the SB catch, I'm talking about the times where he blatantly misses like Sunday)

Though, truth be told, the pass wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a bad pass and was close enough that it should be caught. But we've seen this happen a few times with Holmes - its part of becoming a complete player. He is a great player, and on the rise, but little things like that hurt in a game like Sunday's

Anonymous said...

the pass in the endzone went right through Santonio's hands which were above his head

so he was expecting the ball and was in position to catch it and he did see it

you are an idiot Patrick

Patrick said...

I think the ball was behind him at that point.

Lets assume it even went thorugh his hands, that still could show he didn't get his hands up quick enough to get them UP AND CLOSED.

at least you came with an argument this time.

And I didn't say he doesn't see them at all, but said sees them too late.

And how about the play earlier in the season in the endzone, against CHI I beleive?

did you analyze that one too genuis?

marc said...

is there more than one anonymous patrick hater or is it always the same one?

Patrick said...

pretty sure its always the same one. Ie. some little kid with too much time on their hands.

I could find the cure for cancer and he would call me an idiot. It doesn't matter what I write. And yet his comments have never contributed anything.

I wish Dale would only allow logins to post comments, but that would obviously detract from his site and views.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who saw the ball get tipped (barely) by a defender that was in front of Holmes thus slightly changing the trajectory of the ball to the point where Holmes didn't have the time to react? I have watched it multiple times and read elsewhere that the ball was tipped before it got to Holmes on that play. Because it was tipped, I don't blame him for not catching that pass. When your a receiver tracking the ball in the air and it gets tipped at the last second...its pretty tough to make that ajustment that quickly to make the catch.

Anonymous said...

There definitely are multiple posters who thinks Patrick is an idiot. I haven't posted for days, and I agree with Anonymous above.

Anonymous said...


Like you, Holmes found the cure for cancer (drum roll) and dropped it. Holmes drops a lot of passes period and he has what, one TD this year, he is not having a season to justify what he thinks he's worth, he'll be gone soon.

Its a little late to rest Troy, they screwed this entire thing up when they brought him back for the Cleveland game too soon and entirely needlessly.

Farmer Fran

Patrick said...

I haven't been able to find the play online, but I do remember the annnouncer's saying that it might have been tipped.

I agree though, if it was tipped, that changes my opinion of that play.

And obviously that could be the same anonymous posting twice.

If you all think I'm an idiot, then bring it. Bring a good argument for once. All you do is call names and it proves you have nothing. Discussion is good.

If I'm wrong about Holmes on that particular play, then I'm wrong. But I still think he has a lack of focus from time to time.

Dale Lolley said...

This looks like a heavier brace, I believe than the one he wore before. But Troy isn't speaking this week, so we didn't get a chance to ask.

I counted the Holmes pass in the end zone as a drop. You've got to make that catch.

That said, Ben forced some balls in the end zone as well.

As for the anonymous hack comment, oh well. I'm hurt.
If I'm a hack, why come here?

Collin Williams said...

Patrick is right about all that about Holmes. Holmes is a punk and he gets in trouble a lot and one season he'll be asking for to much money and the Steelers will get rid of him. Then Mike Wallace will be the hero

Patrick's Sister said...

Collin, you are right. It's disturbing what you do with your sister but hey West Virginia is a beautiful state anyway.

Patrick, you might as well be anonymous since have totally concealed your Blogger identity. You can slink away from your high anonymous hating horse.

Dale, love your work. Keep doing what you're doing.

Patrick said...

did any of that make sense?

My blogger identity? I'm logged in under my gmail and thats why it comes up that way. I don't even use "Patrick" in real life. I use "Pat" and my email is my full name.

If you want my email address, facebook, etc. you can have it all. I don't own a "blogspot" if that is your definition of it.

Patrick said...

and thanks for posting that comment from an essentially anonymous account anyway.

You know what I would love to see? The people who throw "idiot" around actually contribute a post under a consistent name.

Wouldn't that be something?

keevin said...

Patrick - "I agree though, if it was tipped, that changes my opinion of that play."

This is why people don't like you, you are all over the place. First you criticize Holmes saying he wasn't focused and didn't expect the ball (which isn't true) now you are changing your tune because someone told you the ball was slightly tipped (it was)

Maybe you should comment less here and only when you are really sure you are correct rather than spouting off a bunch of BS and having several anonymous posters attack you and turn this site into a elementary school playground

Patrick said...

Listen, keevin, each of us is entitled to an opinion. I can't be held responsible for the reactions of others.

Patrick said...

Keevin - sorry I didn't notice every little nuance of that game- the tip included. Dale never mentioned it either, most people didn't notice it, so I'm not allowed to change my mind when something comes up that I didn't notice?

Thats silly.

And what I said - was that it happened on other plays with Holmes, which it has, most notably in the Chi game. So yeh, I stand by it.

Would you say Holmes is focused 100% of the time? Is that true? Did you see his missed route in the 1st Cincy game that lead to a pick 6?

Frank said...

What else would expect from frauds like Paul Alexander? The biggest joke in this town.