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Friday, November 06, 2009

Who I Like, Steelers at Denver

This one really isn't as difficult as many would think.

The Steelers are 2 1/2 or three-point favorites against the Broncos, depending on what service you use.

But Pittsburgh's offense is way more dynamic than Denver's and that should be the difference.

The Steelers will get after Kyle Orton and force him to make those quick short throws that really aren't going to hurt Pittsburgh.

Playing this game in Denver will keep it reasonably close, but the road team will win it in the end, take Pittsburgh, 20-16.

© Lawrence Timmons and Travis Kirschke still have not practiced this week. That's no surprise for Kirschke, who has a slight tear in his calf. But Timmons will need to practice Saturday if he's to play in Denver.


marc said...

those quick short throws that really don't hurt pittsburgh have resulted in many 4th quarter game winning drives for opposing teams.

i'm concerned about our ability to defend brandon marshall. i'm also concerned about our kick coverage units versus eddie royal.

we should win this game, but a couple plays can obviously make the difference.

Collin Williams said...

Marc your right I'm worried about the same thing

Anonymous said...

Steelers haven't beat a serious team on the road yet, Denver 16 - Steelers 13.

Defense comes thru. But.

Offense struggles, OL has first bad game - can't handle the altitude, BB takes a couple nasty sacks. Turnovers are a problem. Bad coaching, way too much time off - should have had the O working thru the two weeks. They are for the most part young - why a full week off?

Farmer Fran

Anonymous said...

WOW, talk about complaining!

Why take a week off? Coaches' decision. Period!

Rookies and PS members practiced though. They are the young members. this team is if anything a veteran team

Anonymous said...

The defense should practice more...

gsiegel said...

I don't have a problem with the veterans having the week off, as long as the coaches worked and watched alot of tape, particularly of the Ravens game. I hope they also watched tape that shows that Ratliffe can't play at their level.

The week off will help the nicks that the older players have and it will give the coaches alot of one on one time with the rookies. I'd bet that we will see improvement in Hood and Wallace, we may also see what Harris can do.

Zac said...

Last Week's Inactives: Hills, Sweed, Urbik, Lewis, Harris, Frazier, Davis.
With Timmons, Kirschke, Clark, and possibly Foster inactive, who will the team go with?

I see Frazier as a lock. If Foster is out, do they use Hills or Urbik?

Because of the thin air, defensive depth has to be the main concern. So I see Harris and Lewis locking down the final two spots.

Anonymous said...

"Alot" is two words: A LOT.

Grammy Grammarian

coreygarry said...

i'm worried about denver's D a little. they've been playing some excellent football. i think Ike can handle the likes of mr. marshall. moreno will go nowhere, Eason will step up and do a good job at that D End position. royal is dangerous on kick and punt returns. that could be a game changer. if we hold him in check, and if big ben can move the ball, i see tomlin's 4-0 MNF record being stretched to 5.

Anonymous said...

Damn, didn't realize in 2007 the steelers had a bye week before playing the broncos on primetime and they lost that game. Considering that and the fact the steelers are 1-2 away and the broncos 3-0 home I don't understand how we are 3 points favorites

Still, just gotta play good D and this game is winnable. Orton is an efficient passer. Rattle him a little and he's not efficient anymore

sucks McBean isn't gonna play though

keevin said...

so who will start in Clark's place? Tyrone sucks Carter? That could very well cost us the game. Carter is horrible and can't tackle. He will not be able to tackle Brandon Marshall

Anonymous said...

The offense needs to start scoring POINTS against good defenses rather than compiling stats against bad defenses.

The defense has to pressure Orton and not give up huge YAC.

Also, stop giving up non-offensive TDs, ya jerks.

Big game from Ben tonight -- woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

My guess is Mundy gets his first career start. If Clark was playing, they'd say so. If Carter was starting, they'd say so. The secrecy doesn't make sense to me unless it's Mundy getting the nod, and they're trying to shield him from media attention like they maybe feel they shoulda done with Guaranthonee Smith.