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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steelers-KC gameday thread

I'm already here at Arrowhead and the field looks bad. Spotty grass with plenty of brown spots.

I love this stadium - it's one of my favorites in the league - but people in Pittsburgh would be complaining about this grass.

© This is a must-win game for the Steelers, more so than next week's game at Baltimore.


You have to make your layups - to steal a term from another sport - and this game is one of them.

© The Steelers have Carey Davis, Polamalu, Urbok, Hills, Sunny Harris, McDonald and Kirschke down this week.

Mike Vrabel and guard Andy Alleman, a couple of starters, are down for the Chiefs.


Anonymous said...

Any word on Kemo?

KC_Patrick said...

Is Bobby April available for ST coordinator?

Anonymous said...

Steelers deserved to lose that game. Way too many stupid mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Most pathetic game I have seen in 3 yrs.

Anonymous said...

and how bad is the coaching of these players. Just awful!

Anonymous said...

What a loss, I think they have really hurt their playoff chances. In a sense it almost looked like the their first two losses; they are inexplicably unable to bring the hammer down on opponents, they let them hang in there and eventually the other team realizes the game is right there for their taking. Gay played a horrendous game, Taylor had the interception but once again couldn't come down with it, I feel so frustrated, they just looked so strong at times and so out of sync the last couple of weeks. Next game will be a really hard one, let's just hope Big Ben is alright.

adamg said...

Another well deserved loss. The head coach once again does not have his team ready to play.

The ST problems are a direct result of the Steelers being overly enamored with draft choices like Joe Burnett and Ryan Mundy at the expense of ST aces like Anthony Madison. The reason the STs were good last year is because Tomlin found players who made a living playing on them. This year, that philosophy went out the window.

The offense will be re-learning the lesson of the "Tommy Gun" year.
There's no excuse for the lopsided pass/run ratio now that Mendenhall
is showing he's for real.

The defense played well enough for a win, but 2 costly picks from our pass happy QB and the TD on the opening kick off were enough to cost the game.

Really, this team does not deserve to be in the playoffs.

Patrick said...

I don't have much to add besides what other people already said.

Why wasn't there a booth review of the Ike possible INT? It probably wasn't going to be ruled a pick, but it was worth a review.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there 17 seconds left on the playclock when the Steelers punted before OT? WHY!, why not drain the clock? They seriously couldn't of expected to get the ball back. It made no difference in the end, but it very well could have.

This team plays pathetic on certain plays and it catches up with them. Like others said, they deserved this loss.

Anonymous said...

I can;t handle anymore of the Bruce Arians offense. I really can't. My throat is horse, my head hurts, I think I popped a blood vessel in my eye.

The game isn't that complicated. Having a 60/40 ratio against the 27th ranked rush defense is a failure of coaching. How many times did we pass on 2nd and 3 today??? This is Steeler football hell. We have all the tools for a balanced offense. Yet we haven't scored a rushing TD in months. I count 4 rushing plays called inside the 10 out of 15 plays in the last few weeks... that's absurd.

The fire Arians, it's all his fault band wagon was annoying for awhile... but I cannot take it anymore. I'm on board...


2nd and 3 from the 36 run Mendy twice up the middle and kick the FG... Arians tries so hard to outsmart the other team, and all he does is show how dumb he is. It's Madden Xbox style offensive playcalling.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really have a problem with Arians' play-calling (aside from the pitch to Mewelde), I had more of a problem with the players themselves making stupid-ass mistakes and turning the ball over three times on offense.

Andy said...

That was ugly but it's not the end of the season. Hopefully Ben is good to go this week and has no long term ill effects from that hit to the head. We are a team in transition, we have a lot of young guys who are going to be good players for us down the line and there will be bumps along the way. Guys like Burnett, Mundy and Gay still have a long way to go but we have to support then. GO STEELERS.

adamg said...

This is professional football, not your local high school or midget team. If Burnett, Gay, Mundy don't produce, they won't be in Pittsburgh for long.

Patrick said...

if Cinci loses this, I would like to say this stings less.

But I look at it the other way and it infuriates me as a blown opportunity to catch up.

What a terrible week in the AFC North either way.

Patrick said...

wow I typed that and Cincy fumbles the kickoff after Oak ties.

adamg said...

Raiders win 20-17.

marc said...

we don't pass enough. let's just go to the k-gun and let it fly.

another 40+ pass calls and another loss. you the man arians. congratulations on all those yards your offense racked up. we lost, but hey, you got a ton of yards today. awesome.

adamg said...

The offense is ultimately on the HC. My sense is that Tomlin prefers to have the run and pass compliment each other, but he allows BA and BR to make the offense too pass heavy.

Maybe it's like that old adage: when you owe the bank ten thousand dollars, the bank owns you; but when you owe the bank ten million dollars, you own the bank. Maybe that 102M contract gives BR more influence and power over the offense than the coaches.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Bungles are still the Bungles, no matter how many times they may beat the Steelers.