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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday with Tomlin

Not much news out of head coach Mike Tomlin's press conference today.

As he said Monday, Tomlin reiterated that a decision about safety Ryan Clark's status would not be made until Thursday.

Linebacker Lawrence Timmons and defensive end Travis Kirschke are both questionable. Timmons, with an ankle injury, is more likely to play than Kirschke, who has a calf strain.

Willie Parker missed practice Monday with an illness. His status at this time is up in the air.

One thing of note that Tomlin did talk about Monday was that wide receiver Santonio Holmes, like Clark, also carries the sickle cell trait. But, Tomlin also noted that a couple of Denver's players also carry it as well.

Clark's illness after playing there, while tied into his carrying of that trait, was not soley based on that. There were some other determining factors as well.


Collin Williams said...

I don't think Ryan Clark needs to play this game. Last time he almost lost his life. I'd rather miss him for this game than him never play again. "Better Safe Than Sorry"

Patrick said...

I don't like Clark going there at all really. The counter is he wants to and Dale said hes smart, can help the players etc. How much is he going to help vs. how much it might hurt him? He has to play the next week and if gets sick, then he is no good for the Denver game plus who knows how long?

The other argument and I think one with merit, is that there is a good chance of a playoff game in Denver this year. If he plays, or goes and doesn't play, maybe they can see how he reacts to it and have better preparation if there is a playoff game there.

I don't know... I agree with Ed Bouchette and think he should stay home. Whatever the case, this is serious and I hope he stays healthy even if he plays/goes.

Anonymous said...


I may be wrong, but I don't think it's the air in Denver alone that causes problems. I think the strain of playing 60 mins. of football in Denver is what the real problem is. I don't see any harm in Clark showing up as long as he isn't over exerting himself.

Patrick said...

I get that aspect of it. I just think its not worth the risk. But yeh you're probably right, just standing around hopefully wouldn't harm him. I just think if he is not playing, why take the risk?

I have a hunch he'll play and be fine, and it will all be moot, but I'm no Doctor. Even then I say don't take the risk of (1) hurting him, (2) losing him for more games.

Greg Mercer said...

so who should we be cheering for in the Bengals vs. Ravens game?

i think i'm pulling for the Bengals even though that puts them in the driver's seat to win the division.

Our only real competition for a Wildcard spot are the Bengals, Ravens, and Texans.

So, I'd just assume they take the L considering that they will likely lose to the Colts and split with us. Then I believe we'd win any tiebreaker based on our division record.

Plus, i'd much rather play a Wildcard game in Cincy than in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Lord knows this defense can't afford to lose another piece, right Patrick?

Patrick said...

show me where I said the D was bad

go to bed little girl, its past your bedtime

Anonymous said...

that time of the month Patricia?

don't cry on your pink jersey

Collin Williams said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA It's fun to listen to Patrick and Anonymous.

marc said...

i believe i read where tomlin hinted the decision to play is not clark's alone. i get the feeling tomlin may not let him play even if he wants to.

this really isn't or shouldn't be about missing more games. it's about his life and family. he should travel with the team and be an extra set of eyes for carter/mundy.

i'd like to know how we are going to control brandon marshall?

Anonymous said...

Clark should stay home. 1 regular season game is not worth it. Holmes should play & be monitored carefully.

datruth4life said...


With Cleveland cutting CB Anthony Madison yesterday, do you think there is a chance that the Steelers will pick him up today to help the team's overmatched special teams? They need this guy back in the worst way. He'd automatically become their best special teams performer and lead gunner. Bye-Bye Keiwan Ratliff.

Also, why not activate D. Woods and cut A. Harrison to help your special teams as well? Woods was definitely busting heads in the preseason on coverage units before he pulled his hamstring. He should be healthy by now. Thoughts?

Dale Lolley said...

The special teams coverage had been solid until they gave up the two returns for TDs.
Frazier should be back this week, which will help.
Cribbs always seems to hurt them and the Harvin return came without Timmons on the field and immediately after Woodley's pick. Some of the guys who were out there had just gone coast-to-coast with Woodley, so I'm going to give them a little bit of a pass there as well.
I think the teams will be fine, but we'll see this week against Eddie Royal.

Patrick said...

I don't know anything about that time of the month, but my girl does.

Funny, you two have that in common. What are the chances.

datruth4life said...


I think you are taking an optimistic view with the special teams. I think if you had better special teams players like A. Madison and D. Woods, then you'd have better special teams play -- what a novel concept, hungh?

I think K. Ratliff, A. Harrison & P. Bailey haven't played well on special teams this year. I'd swap out Ratliff and Harrison for Madison and Woods and go from there.

marc said...

specifically, it seems bailey has been a disappointment on special teams this year.

datruth4life said...


Kirschke said today via the Tribune-Review that he has a tear in his calf and that such an injury like that typically takes 3 to 6 weeks to heal. I guess we need to get ready for the Nick Eason and Sunny Harris show with McClendon waiting in the wings. I'm sure they'd probably give Orpheus Roye a call to if worst came to worst.

Oh, well. Injuries are a part of the game. I guess we will see what Ziggy and Sunny are made of.

Skinley said...

Dale...a little off topic here but have you seen if Champ stays on one side or stays on a guy for the whole game? If so, do you anticipate him shadowing Holmes or Ward Monday night??

Anonymous said...

Hines lines up in the slot a lot, so I don't expect bailey to be on him too much. I'd say 50% of the time

Big game for mike wallace either way

Dale Lolley said...

I expect Bailey to stay on one side.

john j said...

true Bailey always stays on the right side (O facing D)

anonymous doesn't know what he's talking about

Robert said...

I don't think Patrick Bailey has been bad on special teams this year, I seem to recall him making plenty of plays. I am also impressed with the number of tackles Stephen Logan is making as a coverage guy.

keevin said...

yeah, why don't they bring Donovan Woods back to the roster if he's healthy? he's our bas backup linebacker not named Fox and is really good on special teams