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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Steelers-Bengals inactives

Keiwan Ratliff, Carey Davis, Urbik, Hills, Sunny Harris, Shaun McDonald and Travis Kirschke are inactive for the Steelers.

Keith Rivers is down for Cincinnati.

Brandon Johnson will start in his place.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, no Ratliff.

Patrick said...

it would be nice to see Sweed make up his drop in this game

Robbie said...

Congrats to the Bengals, they deserve to win the division.

adamg said...

What a pathetic performance esp by the offense. Colon and Starks allow sacks by completely ignoring the end coming from the outside and instead turn and look at the guard next to them. Spaeth allowing a sack after a pitiful blitz pick up. Hartwig leaving a LB unblocked so he could jump up and deflect a pass. The Steelers apparently have no plays in the playbook to counteract a 5-6 man rush combined with press or zone coverage either. I guess having a decent running game was too much for either OC or QB to stand for long before returning to their pass happy ways.

Once again, special team kick off coverage is horrendous. Maybe this week they can work on staying in their lanes so a returner doesn't run all the way across the field and turn the corner. It looked like high school football.

This was a well deserved loss for a team that doesn't merit a division title.

Robert said...

Our offense blows and the playcalling is to blame along with Ben. He relies too much on making big plays after avoiding the rush. His ability is great but he needs to be a 3 step drop pocketpasser sometimes too.

I love Ben and he is a great QB but he needs an OC that will iron out some of his problems too.

Anonymous said...

I think the OC deserves this loss. I think it was clear that they could run on the bengals but wouldn't stick with it. Clearly they weren't getting it done in the air and they have some pretty good running backs in Mendy, FWP and MeMo.

In the words of ESPN>>> "C;mon Man!!!!!!!!"

Congrats to the Bengals. When you do it twice it's not luck.

Anonymous said...

So many things went wrong for the steelers in this game I don't know whare to start... 1st. somebody please teach Jeff Reed on how to break a return runner down for a tackle or at least slow the man up for the pursuit to have a chance to catch up and make a play...Dale help me out here.. you were there.. was Jeff's attempt on that play as pittifull as it looked on T.V. ? Somebody needs to have a talk with that man. Thanks Dave W. in Las Vegas.

Dale Lolley said...

As I said the last time, the kicker isn't asked to make the tackle unless he's the last resort. His job is to slow the guy down enough so the others can get there. But yes, he's got to do better than that.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's the complete list of inactives. I coulda swore it was much, much larger than that.