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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doesn't look good for Pouncey

Maurkice Pouncey has gotten rid of his walking cast. The problem is that he's traded it in for a regular one.

That doesn't bode well for Pouncey being able to play in the Super Bowl in a week and a half.

Doug Legursky would get the start if Pouncey can't go. The Steelers would also likely have to make some kind of move for a backup center.

Jonathan Scott serves as the team's backup long snapper and could probably center the ball in a pinch, but he's also the starting left tackle.

Word has it that Trai Essex would serve as the backup center at this point.

© I've heard from two different sources now that it looks like Dermontti Dawson has a good chance to get into the hall of fame this year.

I kind of discounted the first source, but when you hear it from two, it starts to add up.

© Aaron Smith did not practice again today and it's looking doubtful that he'll play in the Super Bowl.

Also sitting out today were Troy Polamalu and Bryant McFadden.


Greg Mercer said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know if we need Pouncey to win, because Bronco has looked good and based on OL data from, he is one of our best lineman. He has not played as much which may skew this data, but I think he filled in well in the last game. He and Ben need to work together a bit more so there are no more muffed snaps. He admitted he was trying to get his hands out fast in the safety fumble. He rightly took the blame for it. But somehow, even though our O line is held together with chewing gum and masking tape, it is still doing a great job. Reminds me of the other superbowl run with Simmons and Smith being injuried. Nevertheless, I do hope we draft Mike Pouncey next year (if there is football). It would be nice for our OLine to be a strength and not a liability. Who knows how good Ben would be with a top rated OLine. I think we have the best Oline that the waver wire could provide and for that, I credit good coaching, a good system, and a QB who himself is the sixth OLineman.

Mrs. Issac Redman

adamg said...

Justin Hartwig was in town and at the Steeler Stage AE rally the night before the game vs NYJ.

Anonymous said...

Until I hear something different, I am assuming that that cast is staying on until next thursday or so just to TOTALLY stablize the high ankle so it can heal as quickly as possible.

marc said...

i don't see how he plays.

to cast it now indicates either the swelling was so much they couldn't cast it before or the ankle wasn't responding to treatment so they decided to cast it for a week and see what happens.

it's a shame he probably won't play. but, it might force arians to get creative with some plays the packer's might not be ready for.

datruth4life said...


I've heard that the Steelers plan to sign C/G Dorian Brooks off of the practice squad to be Legursky's backup if Pouncey can't go in the Super Bowl? I know this is a player that you liked coming out of training camp. Any updates on this?

Also, if the Steelers go into the Super Bowl with Trai Essex as their backup center, then I think someone on that coaching staff need their head examined. He's a 'below the line' guard and tackle, so that makes anyone think he can be an 'above the line' fill-in center? Sign the young guy and keep it moving. Sorry to hear about Pouncey, though. Next man up!

Anonymous said...

We better just hope Legursky stays healthy. If that guy goes down and Essex is our center we better be up with 2 scores and have less than a quarter left of game time or we are done for.

Anonymous said...

Any rumblings about Jerome's chances at first ballot?


joe said...

i really like that tomlin expects backups to play at a high level. i didn't like cowur juggling the entire lineup for an injury.
if pouncey is eventually ruled "out" can they replace him, then put smith on ir and sign another practice squad o-lineman for depth ?
as much as i like smith, hood has been excellent and i really don't want to see a weak smith on the field.

Anonymous said...

Hate to hear that about Pouncey. Hell of a football player. Gotta feel for the guy. I remember when Hines went down 2 years ago and tried to rehab to make it back in time!! He did get that catch for a long gain at the start of the game, loved it!! So nothing is impossible when it comes to the steelers!!

Speaking of Super Bowl 2 years ago, I remember hearing some of the Steelers D talking about how they almost lost the Super Bowl by giving up the Fitzgerald score, has there been any talk from the D about that, any motivation and the like?!?!?

Greg Mercer said...

"the standard is the standard."

maybe Hines can loan Pouncey his hyperbolic chamber.

anyone else have the feeling that Mendenhall could be the MVP? i'd love for Ben to get it, because i think he got jobbed last time. however, Mendenhall seems to be on a mission. hopefully, Arians can work some more swing passes into the game plan. heck, iso him on a LB and send him deep. should least be able to draw a PI.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't think Jerome gets in this year, not with two running backs who were better or comparable on the ballot. He'll get in eventually, just not this year.

marc said...

there are some pretty cool stats on football regarding run defenses.

the packers are #2 in the league at short yardage situations but near last in tackles behind the line of scrimmage. their "second-level" yards given up is middle of the road. however, they are 20th overall.

makes you wonder if they stack the line of scrimmage on short yardage situations leaving the corners one-on-one. but in 1st and 2nd down situations they must be giving up chunks of yards.

i wonder how arians will attack them on 3rd and 1?

Anonymous said...

It is a bummer that Pouncey is hurt but really, Legursky is one of the better backups on the team. We are lucky we had an injury at a position we have depth at. Imagine if Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark, Jake Scott, Flozell or Harrison got hurt? Then we would have to either playone someone truely bad or move a guy out of his natural position.