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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday news and notes

Things are starting to get packed up and readied for the trip to Dallas as the Steelers prepare for their final practice here at home on Friday before heading south.

The same cast of characters that missed practice Wednesday also sat out Thursday for the Steelers.

Again, it doesn't look good for Maurkice Pouncey and Aaron Smith is also looking like he's not going to play as well.

© Hines Ward admitted Wednesday that even his mom is asking him about his retirement plans following this season.

You can read that story on the O-R's web site.

© Friday, I have a story on some players questioning why they aren't considered an elite team like the Patriots.


Gimp said...

© Friday, I have a story on some players questioning why they aren't considered an elite team like the Patriots.-

Because they haven't won against the Pats in an AFC championship game in the prior decade. I would take a Steelers win over the pats in the playoffs over say, winning a division title and only being a wild card one year.

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

And you think it is the teams fault that the Pats have lost their last two divisional playoff games? Hardly, the Steelers got there and were waiting for who ever it was who came. If anything it should be a shame the Pats got beat by the Jets. Bottom line is that despite all their arrogance, the Pats have not won a Super Bowl in the last 6 seasons while the Steelers have won 3. So, who cares about the Pats, really.

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Sorry, 2 Super Bowl victories and 3 appearances, let's just hope we get the third this year.

adamg said...

Bouchette reports that Pouncey also has a broken bone in his ankle in addition to the ligament damage associated with the high ankle sprain. I'd love to see the kid play, but not one more game, even if it is the SB, that might jeopardize his career.

Anonymous said...

pats have failed to win their playoff games or failed to make the playoffs at all . . . that is a statement about them and not the steelers.

too bad pats couldn't beat the broncos and the jets and we could.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I know LeBeau recently said he has no plans of retiring or moving on. But last year Butler turned down the Skins DC job to stay, and it appears AZ is loitering around until after the SB to fill their DC job. Seems Butler is LeBeau's heir apparent, but they can't expect him to keep turning down jobs waiting for LeBeau's goldwatch day.

If AZ does approach and offer Butler the DC job, do you see a scenario where LeBeau might well decide to hang him up, to ensure Butler's succession?

Or am I shamefully overlooking Mitchell?

Anonymous said...

Mitch has stated that he's only coaching as long as Aaron Smith is playing for the Steelers. Plus, the guy is, like, 70 isn't he?

If he sticks by his claim, it's looking more and more like Aaron and Mitch are going to be riding off into the sunset after the SB. I think Smith's body may finally just be telling him "enough."

adamg said...

Jeff Fisher is out at TN. Not sure what HC jobs are left out there, but he'd make a fine DC at Arizona.

marc said...

no way fisher will become a DC.

i say lebeau has 1 more year in him. count on butler after that.

i hope our young guys handle the super bowl pressure leading up to the game. we're gonna need them to be ready to go.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that San Diego is usually considered an elite team, despite finding new and mind-boggling ways to self-destruct every season.

Dale Lolley said...

They don't ask you who you beat to get to the Super Bowl, only whether you won or not.

As for Butler to Arizona, that's unlikely. Horton is their more likely target.

Mitch has been here since 1992. He's assistant head coach, the same title Grimm holds in Arizona. So they could deny him the interview. But he's not going anywhere.

And there's no way LeBeau is leaving.

Anonymous said...

New England also went to two of those championships through Kordell and a rookie, they've never had to play against veteran Ben. Maybe if they'd quit choking in the division round we'd get to see that match-up. As it is I guess the Steelers will have to continue beating the teams they can't in the championship game. They haven't won one in over half a decade, also none since video-gate. Perhaps those prounouncing them the measuring stick should investigate that angle, if The Rog would allow it that is.

Ron in Michigan said...

To Anonymous @ 11:24 AM.

For the past few month's I've taking a deliberate position to "always" mention videogate when referencing the Patriots. If I'm at the Barber's and the conversation turns to Patriots, I take the time to remind everyone listening about the measly slap on the wrist Belichick and the organization received.

I used to hold Belichick in high esteem, until videogate that is. He should've gotten the same fate that that guy (a Belichick understudy) recently got in Denver.

Greg Mercer said...

Great article Dale!

Loved Ward's quote at the end.

"You come here and you walk past all those Super Bowl trophies. That's what it's all about," Ward said. "A lot of teams say they want to get to the Super Bowl, but they know they don't have what it takes. Buffalo may go into the season saying they want to get to the Super Bowl, but realistically, they know. That's not the case here."