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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday news and notes

The Steelers held their first practice of the bye week today with a number of veteran players getting the day off.

One veteran who did not take the full day off was Aaron Smith.

Though he did not participate in any team drills, Smith did some light position work as he continues his comeback from a torn triceps injury.

The Steelers, however, are still uncertain when Smith may be ready to return. His left arm is getting stronger, but it's not ready to take on 300-pound blockers.

© As we sit here, a day after Black Monday, there don't appear to be a lot of openings for former Steelers coach Bill Cowher to take advantage of.

Cowher obviously wants another coaching job, but two days into the offseason for the majority of the league, there's not a lot out there.

It looks like Jason Garrett and Leslie Frazier are going to stay on in Dallas and Minnesota, respectively.

Houston is keeping Gary Kubiak, as are the Giants with Tom Coughlin.

Miami has not made a move, but the word is that GM Jeff Ireland is going to stay no matter what and since Cowher wants control of personnel, that won't work.

Denver wants to make a bold move at head coach and is wooing Jim Harbaugh.

Carolina also wants Harbaugh and won't pay the $8 to $10-million Cowher will command.

Cowher and Cleveland president Mike Holmgren are friends, but Holmgren has control of personnel matters, so that marriage isn't likely to happen.

And Cincinnati looks ready to stick with Marvin Lewis, though there was no way Cowher was going there.


Anonymous said...

if Tomlin doesnt win SB they should fire him and bring Cowher back

marc said...

what about the titans?

Anonymous said...

If Jeff Fisher leaves it will be because they will have chosen Vince Young over Jeff Fisher. And there's no way Cowher will take over a team with VY at QB.

kelly said...

Maybe San Fran?

John Kang said...

Any news on B-Mac?

Dale Lolley said...

San Fran is interviewing possible GMs. That's not likely to happen, either.
Then again, given the current state of things, it's possible Bill may have to lower his demand of complete control.

Anonymous said...

Cowher and Holmgren are friends? That really surprises me given how bitter Holmgren was after SB XL. I know that stuff like that wouldn't damage true friendship, just a bit surprised.

kelly said...

Dale, is there any truth to the rumors that Ben is engaged???

Anonymous said...

I heard that rumor about Ben being engaged also. I heard she actually said no but he put the ring on her finger anyway!...ZINGER!

Vaflyer said...

My Father-in-law is a die hard Panthers fan. He has been telling me all year, even after the report about where Cowher was willing to go, that he would end up in Carolina. I guess we will see.

adamg said...

It was reported that both Sparano and Ireland will be staying in Miami. Lewis was also retained by Cincy.

If Jeff Fisher is fired by TN, he'll be out of work for about 5 seconds.

Dale Lolley said...

No word on B-Mac. He was walking around at practice today, but did not participate. Didn't see him in the locker room.

Cowher will not be in Carolina. He wants to be among the highest-paid coaches if not the highest-paid coach. That's not happening in Carolina.

And yes, Ben is engaged.

marc said...

is she from georgia? :)

joe said...

it is funny that cowurd isn't getting a job soon. doesn't look like anyone is paying the big bucks, or giving total control (that flopped in denver)
he can get another layer of shiny white on his teeth and feed his ego more on tv again next year. maybe he shows up next season with a rug or hair plugs !

Anonymous said...

Now that Cower is gone, I hope he stays away. He has a big ego and ugly face which matches his dispositon