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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Game-day thread, Ravens-playoffs

Brett Keisel has been added to the Pro Bowl roster, replacing Indianapolis' Dwight Freeney on the AFC squad.

This marks the first Pro Bowl for Keisel.

© No real surprises on the inactive lists for either team, though the Ravens will be without KR David Reed, who is inactive despite practicing all week.

Josh Wilson will handle KR duties for the Ravens.

© The weather here is excellent, though there is a bit of a wind.

One thing that could affect the game. The Steelers have inserted some new stands in the open end of the stadium that go as high as the top of the goal posts on that end.


Anonymous said...

If Worilds is deactivated, who replaced him?

Dale Lolley said...

Extra DB with Keenan Lewis.

At this point 21-7.

Ravens have run 27 plays, 19 passes 8 runs. Steelers 19 plays, 7 passes, 12 runs.

Dale Lolley said...

At the half, Baltimore has 99 total yards, Pittsburgh 114.
The two turnovers loom huge - along with the missed field goal.
Steelers are making a lot of mistakes, but they have the ball to start the second half.
Look for more no huddle the rest of the way.

marc said...

steelers can't stop the pass rush.

gay is getting burnt constantly. look for deep play at him from the ravens in second half.

the penalties are as bad as the turnovers. they must play smarter.

i expect the ravens to take several shots downfield in the second half. the short dumps and screens will set that up.

adamg said...

Balt - plays to counteract pass rush and blitz.

Steelers - no plays to counteract pass rush and blitz.

The turnovers were awful and the Steelers deserve to be trailing, but two really awful missed calls - the tackle of Woodley(?) on the blitz on Balt's first TD drive and the no call on Suggs(?) hitting BR in the knees before the fumble recovery TD.

Anonymous said...

Is Dan Dierdorf the worst color guy in the industry?

Anonymous said...

I can barely stand to listen this Dierdorf person.
I wish the WDVE webcast was not so delayed.

Anonymous said...

Hines Ward, baby!

Anonymous said...

Hines Ward, baby!

Anonymous said...

Was that David Tyree out there!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Ray Lewis must have seen Black Swan this week. What's up with the ballerina facepaint thing he's sporting?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Ray Lewis blubbering like John Boehner!!!

Steve-O said...

I like Hines Ward's comments after the game. "I don't know why they keep calling for us in the playoffs, we beat them every time!". LOVE IT!

Ron in Michigan said...

I'm "giddy". He he. Let me get this straight, Steelers down two touchdowns in the first half, score seventeen officiating crew with an eye for controversial calls, AND THEY STILL PREVAIL?!

I'm not one to kick a bird when he's down but............................................................................LOL!