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Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's the Ravens

So we get to see a third meeting between the Steelers and Ravens this season next Saturday at Heinz Field.

I, for one, can't wait.

The two best games I've seen this season were the meetings between the Steelers and Ravens.

The aggregate score of those games? Pittsburgh 27, Baltimore 27.

Of course, in that first meeting between the two teams, Ben Roethlisberger did not play. And that will likely be the difference this time around as well.

Quite frankly, Roethlisberger owns the Ravens.


Anonymous said...

If the offense plays like it has in the past month this could be an easier win

and we saw today, and quite honestly thoughtout most of the season, the ravens can be vulnerable against the run. While our D is as tough as ever against the run and has been great against the pass lately

take the steelers 21-13 for now

adamg said...

Interestingly, both AFC semis are rubber matches.

I don't think Balt is going to win 2 games in one season at Heinz Field.

Anonymous said...

1) Don't turn the ball over

2) Ben -- play well

3) Pass rush on Flacco / decent pass coverage

Dale Lolley said...

As you saw today, Flacco does not feel pressure well. It's his downfall.

Anonymous said...

On offense, the Steelers need to go Indy Colts and no-huddle them to death. I hope they don't get sucked into that "attrition football" nonsense like they always seem to. That's exactly what the Ravens want.

On defense, put a spy on Rice. That's 70% of their offense gone right there. Gregg Williams and Romeo Crennel were too dense to figure that out.

marc said...

it shocks me how other teams fail to focus their defense on ray rice. take him out of the game and pressure flacco should keep the ravens at 14 pts or less.

the steelers must find an answer for suggs. he was a total beast last game and wreaked havoc on the offense.

adamg said...

I'm not sure if the OL is coming together now that the same 5 guys have started for 4-5 games in a row, the Steelers changed their pass protection, BR is being smarter in the pocket or a combination of some or all, but I think they'll be able to handle whatever scheme Balt brings.

More interesting to me will be if Belicheck rolling up the score on the Jets a couple weeks ago comes back to bite NE.

Steve-O said...

The Ravens are on a short week and chances are they'll wear down in the 2nd half. If the Steelers can manage a half decent rush in the first half they should be able to play action pass all over in the 2nd half. On defense they'll need to keep Todd Heap in check. He could be the difference for Flacco when the Defense turns up the heat.

I like our odds, but take nothing for granted. We'll need the 60 minute men to show their stuff.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Suggs, another thing that has improved from the previous games is Redman blossoming as a backfield blocker.

Anonymous said...

^ ya but stupid Arians plays Moore more than Redman

ibygeorge said...

I agree to pressure on Flacco, but how do we stop Heap, especially the quick slants?

Anonymous said...

^ Polamalu can stop any tight end

dont u remember him owning Gates?

Harrison and Woodley can win this game if they are at their best by creating pressure and turnovers

marc said...

thinking out loud:

if the ravens spread out the steeler's defense then:

taylor covering boldin/mason
polamalu covering heap
macfadden covering mason/boldin
LB's covering rice
Dime CB (Gay) covering Houz./Stallworth.

is that right? if so, no way Gay can stay with either one of them. and madfadden might be overmatched too.

Anonymous said...

Timmons should spy Rice the entire game

Anonymous said...

I said prior to the playoffs and still feel the same, the team who doesnt face the ravens in 2nd round makes it to the super bowl. remember the year titans played the ravens, ravens won and came limping into heinz field, we move on to the super bowl. we should beat the ravens, i just hope its not a knock down drag out game so we are hurting to beat the pats... we CAN beat the jets!!

it will be a super bowl type of game though, am looking forward to it........

Anonymous said...

I think the Steelers hold most of the edges in this game:


One area of concern for me is special teams/field position. I think it's what has kept Baltimore in both games this year. Cundiff booms every kick for a touchback and Koch is the best in the NFL and pinning teams inside their 10. The Ravens D isn't what it was but give them 80-90 yards to defend and they will.

Dale Lolley said...

Why are you guys so worried about Baltimore's offense?

It's an offense that did very little against Pittsburgh in two games this season. Why is that suddenly going to change?

The defenses dominate this game. The offense that makes a mistake loses. Period.

Anonymous said...

I worry because I worry about everything. Also, I'm spoiled by how good the Steelers defense usually is, so when a team moves the ball, even if they don't score alot of points and we win, it unreasonably annoys me because part of me wants total domination, which is impossible against a good team with even a decent QB these days. Anyway, since the Pats game, our defense is giving up less than 10ppg.

On paper the Ravens are a scoring machine. Thankfully, in real life, all season they have been extremely inconsistent and Flacco isn't as good as Ben.

Don't you think this rivalry is due for a blowout? Or at least, I don't know, 24-14 or something like that, so I still have my nails left afterwards?

pennstump said...

Dale -- question for you. After reading Rex Ryan's comments today about Tom Brady, do you agree that Brady's antics of pointing to the opposite sideline and calling out players and coaches qualify as "taunting."

Not that I think the NFL would ever penalize its boy, Tom Brady, but this seems pretty clear cut to me. Actually, I can't ever recall a QB getting called for taunting before.

Anonymous said...

dale, any chance aaron smith suits up this week?

Andy said...


Could we see the Steelers turn the clock back to '05 and coming out throwing to get the lead and then running in the 2nd half?

Brandon Sweeney said...
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Brandon Sweeney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Henry said...


Enjoyed the interview with Ron Lippock.

Please continue those if your schedule allows it

Steelers 20
Ravens 16

Dale Lolley said...

Aaron Smith won't dress this week. They're taking their time with him - in part because Ziggy Hood has played so well.
They feel Aaron has at least two more years left in him and don't want to rush him back and get him hurt again.

I have no problem with Brady's antics. If opposing teams don't like it, beat him and shut him up.

And I would not be at all surprised to see the Steelers come out in an attack mode, running a no-huddle offense and throwing some trick plays in.

Adam said...

Dale (or anyone else reading),
I will be heading from Canada to Pittsburgh on Saturday to watch the game (my second ever game at Heinz Field). I am looking for some suggestions of places to go on Saturday night to *hopefully* celebrate a win.

marc said...

i worry because the secondary is the weak link on defense and it was macfadden and gay getting burned last time they lost to the ravens.

if you're the ravens, why wouldn't you attack gay and macfadden all game long.

it's a matchup the steelers lose almost every time.

pennstump said...

If they're not planning to use Aaron Smith this year, they should put him on IR and sign someone else. That is, if you can do that still in the postseason.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from seeing my alma mater the Auburn tigers winning the NC championship!! Now its time for my hometown Steelers to follow suit
!! War Eagle and lets beat some Raven butt!! War Damn Eagle!!

Dale Lolley said...

They didn't lose it Dec. 5 Marc. In fact, it was McFadden's coverage on Boldin that caused the Troy Polamalu forced fumble that won the game.

I didn't say they weren't planning on using Smith this season. Just in this game. He could possibly play in the AFC Championship or Super Bowl. And who are they signing to replace him? They've deemed that the emotional value of bringing him back will be more uplifting than signing some slappy to the active roster who won't be active on game day. I tend to agree.

Brandon Sweeney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dale Lolley said...

Why do people have to come onto this site to pimp their own blogs?

I don't really care about those, but I do take issue with the ones who post things here trying to sell things.

Anonymous said...

may I suggest just deleting them?

don't let yourself be bothered by them. Just consider them spam and off from here they go