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Thursday, September 01, 2011

The bubble watch

Here are some players who need big games tonight to earn spots on the roster:

Chris Hoke - Youngsters Steve McLendon and Corbin Bryant are pushing hard for roster spots. Hokie is a locker room favorite and would be a tough cut, and he's carved out a 10-year career by beating the odds. But the Steelers need to get younger and he could be a casualty.

William Gay - It's telling that the Steelers always slide Gay inside to the slot when they bring their nickel corner on the field. They don't trust anyone else just yet to play the slot. But that could change. Bryant McFadden is off the watch list because the coaching staff is still concerned about ability of the young guys to stay healthy, but Gay could be pushed out if Cortez Allen comes out with a big effort.

Jonathan Dwyer - Mike Tomlin is pushing Dwyer hard to become more than what he is. John Clay and possibly even James Johnson will get an opportunity to unseat Dwyer as the No. 4 running back. Right now, he's got the spot by default.

Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith - A big game from Cromartie-Smith could make things interesting for Will Allen and/or Ryan Mundy. Cromartie-Smith has been getting looks on all of the first team special teams units.

Chris Scott - He opened training camp with an opportunity to win the starting right guard spot. But he whiffed on that. The signing of Trai Essex puts him in position to possibly get cut.


Patty said...

Bubble watch = I. Redman

has not impressed me

Dr Obvious said...

"Bryant McFadden is off the watch list because the coaching staff is still concerned about ability of the young guys to stay healthy"

While this may accurately describe the coaches opinions, it seems unpossible. When was the last game B-Mac started that he didn't pull a hammy?

Patrick said...

I. Redman should be cut I heard Chris Fuamatu-m'afala was available on waivers

Lance said...

Hoke being cut would make sense, we would have a great veteran group starting with a very promising young group behind them. I would think Aaron smith could play a little NT if healthy and needed as well, since he does it in spot duty already.

I like the balance between veterans and young good talent on this roster. This team looks poised to bee a factor for the long run.

Thanks for your insight Dale.

Dale Lolley said...

The Super Bowl for McFadden. If one of the young guys had been able to stay healthy, they may have pushed him off the roster. But it didn't happen.

datruth4life said...

Dale, if Willie Gay is cut on Saturday, it'd almost be like Christmas in September. That dude has had one interception in 4 years and that came when he was playing safety. I'd rather take my chances inside with C. Butler or D. Warren.

If the Steelers really wanted to continue the youth movement, then they could keep TE Wes Saunders and NT S. McClendon and DE Corbin Bryant as the 6th & 7th DL (if they keep 7). Bryant has looked just as impressive as Heyward during this preseason. McClendon has more pass rush ability than Hokie and is a lot younger. This could be the last go around for Hokie-Pokie.

Anonymous said...

Just my guess:

In: Hoke, Gay, Dwyer
Out: DCS, Scott

In general, the coaches are always more conservative than the fans when it comes to releasing vets in favor of promising young players.

Henry said...

I can see them keeping 3 NTs due to Hoke and Big Snack's age.

This coaching staff needs to make a decision between Butler and K Lewis.

datruth4life said...

Okay, Dale. Hit us with your final 53. It's that time.

datruth4life said...

Cortez Allen & Steve McClendon both make this team.

Anonymous said...

Patrick seems to believe HE has a better chance of making the team than Isaac Redman. I think it is actually Patrick who is on the bubble (of reasonable commentary) on this message board. While Patrick "has not impressed me" with his message board posts, every run "Redzone" makes reminds me of Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith, and Barry Sanders multiplied by one million. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Patrick. :-)

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Patrick said...

"has not impressed me" is someone else's words, I never said that. Check the post.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, either imitation is the highest form of flattery, or you have dissociative identity disorder.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Dan G. Switzer, II said...

At this point, I think I'd keep the 2 rookies and Warren. I thought Warren has gotten better with each game and Gay is "what we thought he was."

I don't think anyone will clamor for Gay's services, so he may even be out there if we need him later in the season.