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Friday, September 23, 2011

Top and bottom and who I like

1. New England - Moves into the top spot, but could lose this week at Buffalo

2. Green Bay - Packers, like the Patriots, have to be concerned with their pass defense

3. New York Jets - Face a tough test this weekend at Oakland

4. New Orleans - Drew Brees is playing excellent football

5. Houston - Head to New Orleans for a big showdown

6. Baltimore - Stumbled in Nashville

7. Steelers - Rebounded with a strong effort against Seattle

8. San Diego - A Norv Turner-type loss in New England last week

9. Atlanta - Rally to beat the Eagles

10. Philadelphia - Vick has four fumbles in two games. That's an issue.

Bottom 10

23. San Francisco - Alex Smith is barely averaging 150 yards passing per game

24. Denver - Remember when the Broncos were relevant?

25. Cleveland - Big win over Indianapolis?

26. Cincinnati - At least the Bengals haven't gotten smoked yet - pun intended

27. Jacksonville - Blaine Gabbert takes over at QB. Ick

28. Minnesota - Donovan McNabb faded fast

29. Carolina - I don't care how many yards Cam Newton is throwing for. They're still losing

30. Indianapolis - Peyton Manning may win the MVP award without playing a game

31. Seattle - Averaging less than 50 yards rushing per game

32. Kansas City - Ten points in two games

Who I like this week

Remember when the schedule came out and you wrote this game off as a loss?

Those days are long gone. The Steelers will control the game with Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman and slow the Colts pass rush.

The Colts have some offensive weapons, but the Steelers will get after Kerry Collins.

William Gay will start again in place of Bryant McFadden, while Brett Keisel is also out.

Chris Kemoeatu will be back.

Take Pittsburgh, 31-16


marc said...

i believe the colts will come out with a good game here and it will be closer than many think with the steelers winning.

say maybe 23-17.

Patrick said...

Steelers 75
Colts 2

Redman screws up and gets a safety

Robert k said...

Is it me or does something good happen every time red an touches the ball?

Anonymous said...

I don't see how this offense scores four touchdowns. Maybe the defense gets two?

I would predict/guess that the offense takes the first quarter off because of crowd noise and Freeney & Mathis & a bewildering (well, not really) inablility to run. We get a field goal in the second quarter. Ben makes some plays in the second half and we win 16-13, Suisham at the buzzer, and everybody panics that we suck. Even though we don't, it's just going to take a while, especially the O-line, and a win is a win...

Over/under on how many screen passes to running backs we throw:


I say under.

Henry said...

That actually made me laugh above Anonymous.

Good stuff.

bruinmann77 said...

Hey Dale I thought Colbert always said he on the look out for a player to help the team and right now would not Starks fit the Bill

Anonymous said...

Dale, I know you believe that the steelers offense can out score opponents this year, but only managed 24 points against the seahawks. Now you are predicting 31 against the colts. No way the offense looks prolific at all. Maybe the D gets a score or special teams?

Anonymous said...

A player who was, reportedly, 4 bills with a jacked up neck doesn't fit Colbert's criteria of "a player who can help the team", hence why Colbert has not, and likely will not, be extending any offer to Max Starks any time soon.

You think if Starks were 100% some other team wouldn't have come calling yet?

Starks is damaged, the Steelers knew it so they cut ties. The rest of the league knows it now or he'd have a job. People need to forget about Max for 2011, at the very least.

Patrick said...

Steelers 23 Colts 13

I think this game is going to be sloppy and the Colts are going to get some sacks. But the Steelers won't drop it.

Anonymous said...

Bills 34, Pats 31. After 15 straight losses, Bills have their Super Bowl win.

Robert K said...

I think that is a pretty good guess Patrick.

Anonymous said...

bills had pretty much the scenario the ravens had with us 2 weeks ago. But with a MUCH worse team, and a much longer losing streak

Party in buffalo all week!

Dale Lolley said...

You can pick against the Bills next week. I don't know who they play, but expect a loss.

Anonymous said...

like the ravens losing against the titans after their biggest win since 2000? Yeah, I agree