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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tueday with Tomlin

Brett Keisel has a grade 1 PCL sprain and is questionable to play this week. The guess here is that he'll sit this week as the Steelers will need him much more in Houston in two weeks.

Ziggy Hood would get the start if Keisel doesn't play.

© Mike Tomlin was a little more optimistic about CB Bryant McFadden and LG Chris Kemoeatu returning after both sat out Sunday's win against Seattle.

Jerricho Cotchery is also getting closer to return and Tomlin said Chris Carter should definitely be available.

© On Ramon Foster and Marcus Gilbert, Tomlin said, "I thought Ramon did some nice things. I like his effort and finish. Marcus Gilbert did some nice things as well. I thought we won the line of scrimmage in the first half, not so much in the second half."

© On the missed goal line opportunities: "It's execution."

© On Keenan Lewis: "He did a solid job. … He played a lot of routes close. It was a good start for him."


Robert K said...

Instead of "its execution" it should read "its talent". The line is full players lacking talent so they play poorly. Its that simple.

Of course, the coach can't really say that...

Anonymous said...

Coach on Gay, "He sucks"

Tim said...


Any idea why we didn't see more up-and-comers in the 4th quarter? With the game well out of reach, we were still playing Ike Taylor, William Gay, James Harrison, Larry Foote, Aaron Smith... everybody. Not to mention Ben and Mendenhall (who I don't want to overuse for no reason, but that's a separate debate). It seems like an open and shut case to me. You want to prevent injuries, you want to keep guys fresh as much as you can, and what's most important to me, you want to get guys playing time whenever possible.

I would have put in Curtis Brown, Cortez Allen, Keenan Lewis, Jason Worilds, Stevenson Sylvester, and Cameron Heyward, and left them in every play. It's not like putting in a rooke OT that could get your QB killed. If these guys blow it, the worst case scenario is the Seahawks put up a couple of points. Was he trying to make a point by keeping in the starters and shutting them out? Wouldn't the starters consider it a shutout all the same if the 3rd stringers were the ones that allowed a couple points?

Guys whose help we need, like Curtis Brown, need playing experience to get better so they can help. Opportunities like what we had Sunday are very rare. A whole quarter of free time, and we didn't use it at all. Seems like a waste to me. Did he have a point, and do you think it was worth it?

Anonymous said...

those youngsters aren't ready to unleash hell yet ldo

Anonymous said...

What Tim said.

Best way to have veterans fresh for the playoffs is to have a big enough lead in the game that the younger players (who need experience) can be put in for garbage time.

Anonymous said...

The "DD needed to keep the goose egg up on the score board. The "old" men needed that more than the rest.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Coach on Gay, "He sucks" "

I heard they just repealed don't ask don't tell. So "don't ask" about this statement if you don't want to know if it is really true.

Dale Lolley said...

It's still early in the season and a lot of those veteran players didn't see a ton of playing time in August. They've got to get their legs under them.

Plus, after the Baltimore game, they needed all the positive reinforcement they could get.

Robert K said...

There seemed to be alot of blown assignments on some of those TE's catches in bmore so keeping the d in for some extra time might have been the right call...I still might have taken out Harrison/Ben though.

Anonymous said...

^--- Robert I agree with you if this was mid-season except for Ben. Harrison yes, let one of the other guys get a little game time under their belt but Ben hasn't exactly been on target with his throws. He too needs the playing time and with the blow out in Balt. These guys needed all the confidence building they could get.IMO