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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Not much news with Tuesday Tomlin

Mike Tomlin held his first Tuesday press conference of the season and there wasn't a lot of news to be had.

On the injury front, Tomlin said rookie linebacker Chris Carter (hamstring) is looking like the only player who won't be available to play Sunday in Baltimore.

Cornerback Ike Taylor had the pins removed from his broken thumb today, but Tomlin doesn't think that will hinder Taylor against the Ravens.

© Tomlin did say he likes the fact that so many people are focusing on the age of the Steelers, particularly on defense.

"Keep talking about how old they are," Tomlin said. "That makes my job easier."


Anonymous said...

I agree with Tomlin

but who has ever said the steelers offense is old? Other than Ward I don't see it, and he has like 3 young receivers behind him

Patrick said...

are you going to do predictions for the season Dale?

I'd love to post predictions for the Steelers W/L each game and standings overall for the league. I'd only want to do it if all the anonymous people and the clown will post theirs.

Anonymous said...

Here is mine.
Losses come from.
New England
Kansas City

Beating the Texans and The Pats.
Going to the dance with Atlanta.
Final score Atl 17 / Pitt 35


PSUnGA said...

anyone feel that the steelers are going to play with a big chip on their shoulder? They dont seem to happy and more pissed off. Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...


First time commenting on this excellent blog. I am from the other side of the state and have been forced to listen to all the Eagles crap every year.

Looking at the schedule, and to me it does not especially difficult, I see 14-2 season. The Steelers are loaded on offense. The WR corp and OL are gonna be better than last year. Plus we get Ben for 16 games this year. Folks we have a lot of weapons on offense. Frankly, this offense could be as potent as the great '79 team.

On defense, everything is predicated on the health of Troy. I see no reason to think that the LBs can't bring it another year and we have much improved depth on the DL.

So yah I see 14-2 and another run to 7!


Anonymous said...

The team is suddenly healthy for the start of the season. Key players went through the motions or no motions of pre season and now they are ready??? Maybe healthy, but not ready. I see havoc on the defense and a slow start. I hope the Ravens offense is this healthy.

adamg said...

Neither Balt's starting center nor LT played in the preseason and Oher was just moved from LT to RT, so I guess that evens things up.

James said...

I have the Steelers going 13-3 with their only loses at Houston, New England, & St. Louis (trip across the country and then a short week to play on X-mas eve with the division all wrapped), but since every year the teams on the schedule are unpredictable I would consider anything less than a division title, (11-5), and a return to at least the Championship game a failure. I know the Steelers can't win every year, but it really seems like this year is their year.

Dale Lolley said...

I see a 12-4 season. I think they win the division by at least two games if not more. Baltimore is going to take a step back this season.

Dale Lolley said...

Oh, and I'm saving my picks and such for this Sunday's paper.

Patrick said...

In 2009 I thought based on the schedule, it was going to be a dominant season. That was a huge disappointment.

This year seems similar with a favorable schedule. Really hope there isn't a letdown again. Barring some serious injuries to key players, 12-4 is my guess, with 11-5 being the worst.

I'll go with a loss to Baltimore (not this weekend), loss to NE, a surprise loss to Cleveland, and the 4th a disappointing loss to someone they should beat but don't, Jacksonville (even though I think they'll be 5-0 at this point).

Patrick said...

St. Louis was going to be my other pick for a game they should win but don't. I could see that game being important though (1st rd. bye or division implications) and them taking care of business.

marc said...

11-5 with losses to:


I don't see them losing to K.C. coming off a bye week. St. Louis is a sleeper game to me. What's up with 2 division games within 5 days, that's crap. Slip up here or there and they are easily 9-7 or 10-6.

Though, I do agree with Dale and think Baltimore is taking a step back this year. Their offense just doesn't seem to fit the mold to take on the steeler's defense.

adamg said...

I think Balt is really going to miss Kelly Gregg on the DL.

Anonymous said...

When did the Browns become so good? What did I miss this offseason? Hard to predict cause anything can happen in these games but I see us at least winning 11 games. And Baltimore's secondary doesn't look all that great this year watched their first string get torn up a couple times this preseason.

Kevin said...

I live in Baltimore

trust me, Ravens suck right now. Their O-line is in shambles. Their passing attack is weak. Their D should be better than last year but still not as good as the Steelers D

We should roll them over on Sunday

marc said...

why i think the steelers will lose 1 game to the browns.

1. rivalry game - anything can happen.
2. browns are improving.
3. browns developing the system the steeler's are least capable of defending.
4. beating the steelers would be their super bowl.
5. highly likely final game will not mean anything to the steelers as far as playoffs go.

also, i don't think ravens will miss gregg that much. they got cody at 350+ lbs and ngata at 320+ lbs side by side on the DL.

Dale Lolley said...

Kelly Gregg was a highly underrated player. I don't think Cody is as disruptive up the field as Gregg was.

That said, none of Baltimore's top three CBs started an NFL game last season. They have three rookie WRs backing up Boldin and Lewis. And, the offensive line allowed 15 sacks in the preseason.
Add to that the fact that Roethlisberger is playing QB for the Steelers and you have a Baltimore loss.

ibygeorge said...

Oh my, BB looked sharp in pre season. So did Mendy. What team has a better receiving core. Throw to Miller and it sticks to him. Need 2 yards,hand off to Redman. Its BB's MVP to lose.