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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Boykin responds to Brown

On Wednesday, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown called Philadelphia nickel corner Brandon Boykin the "candy bar" of the Eagles defense and said whoever is matched up against Boykin in their game had better win that matchup.

Thursday, Boykin responded.

"That's his opinion," Boykin told the Philadelphia media. "That's funny to me. We're just going to continue doing what we've been doing as a secondary, and me as well."
"We'll see on Sunday. The game's on Sunday. There's no point in rah-rahing in the media on Thursday. I'll let my game do the talking."
Boykin even went as far as to say he hadn't heard of Brown, a Pro Bowl player in 2011, before this week.
"I don't know too much about Antonio Brown," Boykin said. "I just found out who he was this week."

 @ The Steelers had all 53 players on their active roster on the field again Thursday, though defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said he might have to pick his spots with injured stars Troy Polamalu and James Harrison coming back.

Harrison, in particular, hasn't played in a game since last year's playoff loss at Denver.

"They might not be able to play the whole game but we’ll get a lot of quality snaps from them. They both looked real well in the practices the last few days, and I’m anxious to see them play," LeBeau said.

@ Offensive coordinator Todd Haley said offensive lineman David DeCastro is now pain-free and rehabbing well from the knee injury he suffered in the preseason.

DeCastro hasn't even needed a knee brace for the past week, though he's not able to return to practice for about another month.

The Steelers placed DeCastro, their top draft pick, on the injured reserve list with the intent on bringing him back later in the season using the new rule that permits teams to do that with one player.


Anonymous said...

The guy apparently isn't doing his job and studying film of he is just now hearing of Antonio Brown.. Maybe that's why he is struggling?

Anonymous said...

he said he hasn't heard of Brown untill this week.

you only study film of teams you play which is why he hasn't heard of him untill this week

criticism FAIL

marc said...

who cares what the guy says. brown and company better back it up if they're gonna dish it out.

Anonymous said...

Boykin said he never heard of Brown as an insult, don't read into it.

Anonymous said...

per PFF,

Ziggy Hood (-7.2) has gotten the most snaps on the line, but at this point, appears to be merely taking up space. In 160 snaps he has managed only two tackles, one stop, and no pressures. His limited impact has him ranked near the very bottom in both our Pass Rushing Productivity and Run Stop Percentage rankings for defensive linemen.

The Steelers may want to look toward last year’s first-round pick, Cameron Heyward (+1.1) to start spelling Hood more often. Heyward’s only gotten a handful of snaps (38) but has still managed to better Hood with two tackles, three stops, and a sack

The dline is still our biggest problem.

Bytor said...

Hood has never shown the ability to push into the backfield and on running plays he is easily pushed off the line. We don't need sacks from the D line but we do need them to pressure the qb or at least take up more blockers so the LB's can make an impact.