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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Steelers-Cincinnati thread

With the Ravens getting pounded today in Houston as expected, the AFC North race is wide open again.

In fact, you could argue that the winner of tonight's game - particularly if it is the Steelers - is in the driver's seat in the division.

While Cincinnati has already lost to Baltimore - and Cleveland - in the division, the Steelers still get to play Baltimore twice.

The way the Ravens are headed - with perhaps more injuries than the Steelers - they could fall apart.

@ Maurkice Pouncey won't play tonight for the Steelers. Doug Legursky will start in his place.

Will Allen will get his second start at strong safety.


Anonymous said...

Ziggy Hood getting dominated. What an embarrassment

Anonymous said...

Mike Wallace. Embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

No more embarrassing than Mike "hands of stone" Wallace or Ben "dumb as a stone" Roethlisberger.

Patrick said...

lets not forget Batch's heroics.

And they have to be able to return a kick or punt without a penalty.

I want someone to let me know when we can start saying this team's identity is sloppy and undisciplined, and that it starts with the coach.

Anonymous said...

Ziggy Hood was terrible, run after run through his lane and he was just getting moved and turned at will.

He did do some good things getting his hands up to bat a couple passes down, but I guess that's all he can do since he can't ever get to the QB.

Patrick said...

I am still laughing and shaking my head over the Emmanuel Sanders "injury"

I cannot believe they sent him back in after he hopscotched his way off of the field like that. That was the worst fake injury in the history of the game, the league isn't stupid and its been a topic of discussion in the NFL and sports generally.

If he was going to do that, he shouldn't have come back into the game until many plays later, if at all.

Dale Lolley said...

He cramped up.