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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Greetings from Nashville

It looks like great weather in Nashville right now, though there is a chance of rain later on this evening.

The Steelers will start Will Allen at strong safety tonight in place of Troy Polamalu.

The move shows that the team has been displeased with the play of Mundy - though Mundy could still see some time rotating with Allen.

Jason Worilds, as expected, will start in place of LaMarr Woodley.

The Steelers' inactives include Charlie Batch, Jonathan Dwyer, Polamalu, Woodley, Adrian Robinson, Kelvin Beachum and Alameda Ta'amu.


Anonymous said...

QB - Charlie Batch
RB - Jonathan Dwyer
SS - Troy Polamalu
LB - LaMarr Woodley
LB - Adrian Robinson
G - Kelvin Beachum
NT - Alameda Ta'amu

Patrick said...

Please don't fumble tonight Mendenhall

adamg said...

I swear an injury black cloud must follow Kugler around.

Anonymous said...

Can someone give me an injury update? I pouncey went down thanks once again to Gilbert. But I've heard something about mendys Achilles and redmans knee?

Patrick said...

Ha, Mike Tomlin just iced his own kicker.

Can we go nuts on him yet?

Anonymous Brian said...

Ugh. Five games in & it's pretty clear -- mediocre team.

Who knows, hang around, sneak into the playoffs maybe? I'm thinking just get to 4-4 & see how things stand.

I know I'm not in the Hall of Fame but on the biggest 3rd down of the game -- where if they stop the Titans the game goes to overtime -- the defense called for its best pass rusher to cover a TE he clearly had no business covering in that situation. Just too easy.

Ike Taylor is having a terrible year.

Injuries are getting ridiculous.

0-3 on the road? Pretty, pretty bad...

adamg said...

LOL! Who on earth thinks Shaun Suisham can kick a 54 yd FG except our head coach? If there's less than 5 secs, then go ahead, try it, but not give TN the ball at the 45 for a PK with Bironas' range. Punt the ball and play for OT.

Just pathetic in all phases of the game.

Anonymous Brian said...

That too -- NO WAY do you try & kick that field goal there. Punt it & go to overtime.

alexrkirby said...

Too many injuries. We had 5 guys out by games end. With a healthy team we win this by two TD's.

(Troy, Woodley, Pouncey, Gilbert, Mendenhall/Redman all out)

Patrick said...

guys, I've been saying this for awhile that Tomlin is going to throw his kicker out there on a play like this. I can't believe people are surprised he did that. This is Tomlin ball, get used to it.

Awful loss. They had their injuries but thats not why they lost.

Anonymous Brian said...

One "highlight" of the game for me was the multiple angles, in slow motion, of Ben's tuck rule incomplete pass. Four of the Steelers' O-linemen had been tossed to the ground (Starks "sacked" Ben on the way down) and I think the other one wasn't blocking anyone.

The penalties, yapping, and non-discipline are driving me crazy.

adamg said...

Yeah, I thought the game plan didn't have a lot going for it tonight although I'm sure losing Mendy and Redman had something to do with going away from the run. I thought Ben still tried to play as coached, throwing the ball away and checking down, but the last two games, he has been just a tad off with the receivers.

I think the defense is really in no man's land right now. They don't have enough of the right players for either a 3-4 or 4-3. I'm not sure what can be done at this point. I think all the corners (Ike, C Allen, Brown, Lewis) are better suited for press cover rather than the soft, keep the play in front of you stuff. I'd like to see that change made. It might help the pass rush rather than visa versa, which has been the usual rule for the defense.

I'll bet somewhere Al Everest is having a good laugh at the ST foibles. The blocked punt was a killer as it gave TN all the momentum and made them believe they could win.

Really hate Thursday night football, too. I remain amazed NFLPA didn't insist on a set number of min days between games - say 5. That would have forced the schedule makers to give teams playing on Thursday (except the traditional Thanksgiving games) a bye the week before and eliminated all Thursday games after the bye weeks complete.

Anonymous said...

Injuries per Tomlin presser:

Pouncey - MCL
Carter - hamstring Gilbert - ankle Mendenhall - achilles Redman - ankle
Johnson - hamstring

Doesn't sound too promising Pouncey and Mendenhall can go vs Cincy.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

someone please try and say it was a good call to go for that guys all love to defend to Tomlin. Lets hear the reasons behind this one:

Greg Mercer said...

i don't think it's a given that we shouldn't have kicked. although the results of the game sure make it seem like it was.

54 yards is far, but his previous kick would've been good from that distance. if you're scared to give the ball back on a missed FG, then you really can't argue to go for it, either. because what if you get sacked?

i also think that punting would signal to your team that you're
not playing to win. and why would we have any expectation that our defense would hold up in OT.

Patrick said...

the OT rules are different now and I don't care what Suisham did, he wasn't making one from 54.

It was a bad call and they likely are going to OT without it.

DZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

In hindsight

Greg Mercer said...

but what if Tennessee wins the coin toss and drives down the field and scores a TD?

I'm not 100% sure it was the right choice to kick. Just saying it wasn't the 100% wrong choice.

IMO, going for it on 4th down in the Raiders game was a much more questionable call.

Anonymous said...

Bad points alla round Greg