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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busy, busy couple of days

It's been a busy weekend for the Steelers, starting with the release of tight end Wes Saunders on Friday.

Saunders was coming back from a suspension for violation of the league's substance abuse policy and, given how well rookie David Paulson has progressed, there just wasn't any room for a player the coaching staff doesn't trust.

@ While Paulson has stood out, fellow rookie Alameda Ta'amu, a fourth-round draft pick, struggled throughout training camp.

But since the Steelers need a nose tackle in the future to replace Casey Hampton, Ta'amu was on scholarship this season. All he needed to do was learn his position, learn how to be a pro and keep his nose clean.

That ended Saturday night on the South Side, when Ta'amu played drunken bumper cars, ran from police - at least as fast as a 350-pounder can run - and added an assault charge to his other issues.

I can't see Ta'amu hanging on the roster after this.

@ Word is that Rashard Mendenhall's Achilles' tendon tightened up in Tennessee, which is good news.

He should be ready to play at Cincinnati next week.

There's good news on the Maurkice Pouncey front as well. His MCL sprain isn't considered serious. He might play at Cincinnati as well.

The Steelers could also get linebacker LaMarr Woodley back for that game.

I'm now hearing that it could be another two weeks for strong safety Troy Polamalu.


Steve-O said...

I sure hope DeCastro gets back soon, this draft class has been jinxed since the preseason. I still have high hopes for Spence and Adams (next year) but this year only Rainey and Paulson seem to be making a contribution and even that is limited.

Patrick said...

I know we shouldn't cheer injuries, but....

The Ravens losing Webb is huge.

Lewis I just don't think is the impact player the media makes him out to be anymore. And I know this is not going to be a welcomed comment, but if his career is done then good. I think he is so full of ___ and I can't stand his stupid speeches. I know hes one of the best ever, blah blah, but I will not miss his bs and there is no doubt he had something to do with two people losing their lives.

But if Webb is done for the season, that is a huge blow to their defense and could change up the division dynamics some, if the Steelers start ....what do you call it again?.... winning games their supposed to?

Dale Lolley said...

Don't forget Butler.

As for the Ravens, that defense could be awfully bad - it already is - without Webb, Lewis and Ngata (at least for a while)

Anonymous said...

Stay classy patty

ibygeorge said...

What to do with Taylor?

Anonymous said...

One thing that hasn't been discussed a lot is the slumping play of Brown/Wallace. Brown has had more drops this year than I can remember him having all of last year. And Wallace still seems out of step. He's had drops, dumb penalties and refuses to fight for the ball.

The defense has been the main problem but there is blame to go around on this team.

bytor said...

This is not a good time for the defense to stink. The combination of age, injuries, below standard talent in the DB corps and Lebeau's predictability is wasting Big Ben being in the prime of his career. Luckily there is parity in the league and we can get healthy in time to peak late when it counts the most

Anonymous said...

You could've gotten away with saying the "The Ravens losing Webb is huge.", if only you hadn't said "I know we shouldn't cheer injuries, but". So close brother.
Don't get me wrong, if it doesn't affect their quality of life, I'm not losing sleep over it. But you know how quick these guys can turn on you.
I want Golden on the field more, and the Steelers aren't dead yet.

Zac in Tempe