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Thursday, October 18, 2012

See how far we've come

In Ben Roethlisberger's rookie season, if he missed any time during practice, the local TV stations would break into their regular programming with breaking news of the injury.

Eight years later, it's become just another day at the office.

Roethlisberger rolled his ankle at practice Thursday, sitting out the remainder of the session.

And the world didn't end.

Of course, that didn't stop some reporters from asking offensive coordinator Todd Haley if Byron Leftwich was capable of executing the offense if Roethlisberger didn't play - where have they been the past eight years?

Roethlisberger is fine and Leftwich isn't going to play.

@ Maurkice Pouncey gave it a go at practice Thursday and appears to be on track to play Sunday at Cincinnati.

Of course, Friday will be the big day. If Pouncey's injured right knee swells up, the Steelers would be forced to play Doug Legursky against the Bengals.


marc said...

any idea how they might handle a.j. green with taylor struggling and no viable option after him?

Anonymous said...

Answer: Ike+Ryan Clark over the top

Anonymous said...

I just ready mendy and Redman are out. Interesting to see how Batch and Dwyer do. I'm hoping Batch can make up for that bad read in the Titans game.

Anonymous said...

Bad read?

ibygeorge said...

I don't see a win here because of Adams, Ike and Polamalu.