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Monday, April 01, 2013

No movement right now for Bradshaw

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw visited the Steelers last week to get checked out by team doctors now that he's out of his walking boot, which was required after the former Giants star had surgery in January to insert a screw into his foot to help heal a broken bone.

The Steelers liked what they saw of his health, but did not offer Bradshaw a contract.

That could, however, change at some point.

In fact, the Steelers are expected to meet with Bradshaw again in a couple of weeks to see how he's healing. That meeting is expected to come prior to the NFL draft.

If Bradshaw checks out OK at that time, the Steelers could make the move to sign him.

@ Today was the first day for pre-draft visits and the Steelers had three guys in: Texas A&M running back Christine Michael, Ohio State linebacker John Simon and Florida State linebacker Vince Williams.

Michael is considered a third-round prospect. He had some injuries in college and issues with the coaching staff at Texas A&M, but is a talented runner. The Steelers are likely trying to get to know him as well as possible - while also allowing their doctors to check him out.

Simon had a better junior season than senior year thanks to a shoulder injury that required surgery. But at 6-1, 257, he's what the Steelers look for in their outside linebackers. And considering the Buckeyes run a similar defensive system to what the Steelers employ, the transition isn't as difficult for Ohio State players.

Williams, 6-1, 235, is a little undersized, but that seems to be what the Steelers are looking for in their inside linebackers now - smaller guys who can cover in space.

He and Simon are both considered mid-round prospects.


Tom said...

I seem to recall someone making a previous comment here that Christine Michael was one of the most physically gifted of the RB's and if not for his injury and "coachability" issues he would be a higher round pick. (IIRC he was chided for demanding more touches while A&M coaches opted to put it in Manziel's hands the majority of the time).
Glad to see the Steelers have him on their radar.

Anonymous said...

Dale, is the third round far too early realistically for the Steelers to take a QB they really like?

Anonymous said...

Is this an April Fool's joke?

Eric T said...

Dale, is the third round far too early realistically for the Steelers to take a QB they really like?

I got this Dale:


Anonymous said...

Christine? Really?

Anonymous said...

Williams, 6-1, 235, is a little undersized, but that seems to be what the Steelers are looking for in their inside linebackers now - smaller guys who can cover in space.

That's why they pitched such a trouser tent over Hightower, who would have been their pick had DeCastro not fallen in their laps.

Dale Lolley said...

Know that for a fact, do you, anonymous? They checked him out, but there was no guarantee they were going to take Hightower.

Plus, Hightower might have been moved outside by the Steelers.

Anonymous said...

When did you suddenly get interested in facts? Like the Steelers drafting Timmons as an ILB, or them wanting small fast ILBs now. I know what Colbert, Tomlin, and Butler all said. They had a press conference and everything. I'm told the media is invited to those things. But if you weren't, I'm sure you can still find the tranny online. They' re never going to explicitly say who they would've picked had DeCastro not fallen in their laps, but they did hide their love for Higbtower either. And it's not much of leap from there to figure out who the pick most likely would've been.

Dale Lolley said...

Blah, blah, blah. You're welcome not to come back to MY blog if you don't like my facts. Really, it won't hurt my feelings.

They said Timmons was an outside backer because that's what he had played. But the plan all along was to put him inside. That was driven home when they took Woodley in the second.

You sit in a lot of meetings to know what their true interest was in Hightower? I don't either, but I know the guys in the organization that I've talked to told me he could have played either.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So you're saying the ever useful 'guy in the organization' told you that Hightower fits within the parameters of what they're looking for in an inside linebacker, and yet you still choose to believe they want small fast linebackers? Great. Glad that's settled. And if they were high on Hightower as an OLB, then that means they were low on Worilds. Right?

Foote and Farrior bled weight because they're old and slow and getting older and slower. Not because of any philosophical shift in the position. Trying to pin down what the Steelers want in an ILB is about as useless as trying to pin down what they want in an offensive lineman.

And Woodley and Timmons had absolutely nothing to do with each other. There was 30lbs separating them then. That's why Tomlin was very specific when he said Timmons was a 'Right' outside linebacker, with mack capabilities. And it was apparent even to the Pittsburgh media that Timmons was an unusual fit at any OLB. That's why they asked and continued to ask where he'd play. And Tomlin bristled and continued to bristle that he was ROLB. Woodley is a strong side backer. That's his only position. They didn't know what they had in Harrison. It was Timmons groin injury that finally provided Harrison with the opportunity to win the job. The plan with Timmons was to get his feet wet in their subpackage. Polamalu was being wasted and ground to a nub idiotically as an A gap blitzer. If they're telling you now that their intention all along was to move Timmons inside, and had no design for him outside, they're saying it in a Pee-Wee Herman "I meant to do that" sorta way. Nobody, especially rookie HCs, draft frigging Macks round one, let alone 15th overall.

This is all based on what the coaches and GM said publicly. If they're telling you different privately, why the hell would anybody believe anything they say publicly or privately?

But you're right. It is your blog. And I am welcome to not visit it.

Anonymous said...

i like dale's conjecture over this guy's conjecture. its less snarky

Anonymous Brian said...

I hope they don't sign Bradshaw. Whether the most recent surgery with the screw helps or not, he's been battling the foot and ankle things for 2 1/2 years with the Giants as far as I understand. He practices less often than Polamalu does. He's also got, what, six years of wear and tear on him anyway.

49ers probably thought they could get a season or two out of Jacobs when they signed him and now he's probably done. Giants know what they're doing too.

kyle said...

I love how Press Conferences = Truth.

Dale said they seem to like smaller, faster guys inside now. "Then how come they liked Dont'a Hightower huh? Huh?!" Maybe Butler just liked him as a player regardless of body type? Maybe they have a type they're looking for but are willing to make exceptions? You know, so they don't have an unyielding draft philophy that would tie their hands?

Nah. You're right. If a coach says something in a press conference it has to be the only possible thing they've ever thought.

Anonymous said...

Just as a side note Dale: I understand people can be crass, but you do tend to belittle people that may have a contrarian opinion that's not in align with yours....just saying.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and perspective immensely. But you will get all sorts of "interesting" people on the net. I think you're better than that to even respond. I've had my disagreements with you and other readers, but it shouldn't get down to a personal level. I ignored the guy who called me a putta for saying Pitt didn't have the heart to beat Cinn at home. While it's your blog, the different opinions make for some of the most interesting reading.

Pistol said...


Will you be posting the visit list before the draft??

Dale Lolley said...

I don't mind disagreement. I do mind when someone comes on my blog - which is something I don't have to do - and starts to question my information in a belittling manner.

I think if you look at these posts, you'll see that was the case in this instance. I don't mind it as much if it is someone who actually has the cojones to put a name to their post. At least then I know who the discussion is with. But to come onto my site and anonymously question my sources and such is quite chicken$@^%. At least that's my opinion.

Far as I know, the anonymous poster is just someone coming on to stir crap. Questioning when I became interested in the facts crossed a line for me.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I deserved that. I did cross the line. And for that, I do sincerely apologize. It was so far over the line, I don't expect nor would I blame you if you didn't accept my apology. Even if I disagree with you at times, I am quite capable of doing so in a way that does not denigrate you or the work you do. I failed.

For the record, I did not come here to 'stir the pot'. My initial post was merely to point out that I don't believe the Steelers have a new prototype for ILB. I thought I delivered it with a little humor, but I see that it comes off smart-assy. From there it went downhill quickly. I took your reply as condescending, and I responded in a way I'm not at all proud of. Again, I apologize.

As for the 'anonymous' bit, I could attach a name to it like Patrick. Or Patrick. Or the Other Patrick. Or Patrick's Mom. Or Todd. Doesn't make me or anyone any less anonymous, or an opinion any more or less thoughtful. So I always felt it was pointless to bother.

While I freely acknowledge I am a smartass, I like to believe I am a decent person and not an a-hole. Maybe I am an a-hole, but I at least try to behave decently. Call it an Olestra moment. A usually harmless fake substitute that through a confluence of conditions can sometimes lead to anal leakage. Regardless, clean up is embarrassing. I'm embarrassed.


Dale Lolley said...

Apology accepted Darrell - if that is your real name;)

We all get fired up over stuff at times. And I can come across as flippant at times as well.