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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not buying the Eifert-Steelers connection

I keep seeing mock drafts in the past couple of weeks that link the Steelers to Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert in the first round.

Sorry, I'm not buying it.

People are seeing that Heath Miller has a torn ACL and automatically thinking the team needs a replacement. That won't be the case.

The Steelers signed Matt Spaeth and re-signed David Johnson in free agency to help hold the fort until Miller returns to the lineup.

And while Miller's contract will soon be up, I don't expect the Steelers to part ways with one of their team leaders. They'll find a way to get one of the most respected men in their locker room back under contract.

Eifert, in my opinion, would be a wasted pick by this team, a luxury item.

And spare me the comparisons between the Steelers and Patriots. Yes, New England has had success using two tight end sets, but neither of their two tight ends were first round picks.

I like Eifert as a player. But for the Steelers, it would be a poor pick.


John Kang said...

If Haley's dink and dunk ball control passing game continues, I would think the Steelers would like the match ups if they got a good second tight end.

marc said...

agreed, forget eifert. and i'm thinking less and less about a WR in the 1st or 2nd rounds. there should be quality DE/OLB/S available for each of their first 2 picks. WR/RB will come around in 3rd and 4th rounds. then who knows after that.

if werner, jones and vacarro are all their at 17, i take werner.

Eric T said...

Really hoping they trade back. Maybe somebody falls the Niners like and they offer #31, #61 and #128 for #17.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't the same be said tho of Jarvis Moss-Jones? Harrison out, need an OLB. Even tho they carried an extra OLB all year last year, and have enough bodies?

I'm not opposed to Eifert in R1. Steelers had trouble scoring, and the 2TE sets are great red zone options. He could hold the fort til Miller got back, and ultimately outright replace him 2 or 3 years from now. Don't have to wait for 'need' to bite you in the ass before address. Could get ahead of the curve. Ideally that would be so for all positions. But I do get that immediate need is present almost everywhere on the roster but TE. Just saying, I don't know how much Miller has left, and Spaeth is a bridge to nowhere. Need will get here soon enough.